Sell more this Black Friday with Retargeting

Sell more this Black Friday with Retargeting

In 2015 over $70bn were spent as result of the Black Friday phenomenon. Moreover, the amount of money coming from online spending had doubled. This is both an opportunity and a challenge in disguise for any store owner. I don’t want to panic you, but Black Friday 2016 is just around the corner… And you can benefit from the Black Friday Automated Communication.

So, the most common problem for you, the store owner, is to make sure that the big amount of visitors coming to your website actually convert into customers. According to statistics, on average, retailers are losing around 60% of total sales to abandoned carts on the website. But guess what? This big shopping stunt gives you the perfect opportunity to increase sales by recovering those pesky abandoned carts.

More conversions. More sales during Black Friday. Automatically.

Now pretend for a moment that a wast majority of your Black Friday visitors convert into customers in an automated fashion with the help of a tool. Wouldn’t that be just brilliant? Well, you don’t have to pretend anymore because this tool already exists. We’ve created a solution to drive more conversions and we call it simply: the Black Friday trigger. 🙂

How does the Black Friday Trigger work?

Black FridayThis is a special trigger dedicated entirely to the most important sales period of the year. Developed by Retargeting, the BF Trigger helps you succeed in what is often your busiest time in online business. Whenever visitors come to your website but leave without making a purchase, the BF Trigger finds the products in which they have shown prior interest in and which have special discounts. Then, based on the users’ behavior on your website, the BF Trigger sends personalized email messages with the products that have the highest discounts. That way, a visitor is reminded of the offers and is persuaded into completing a purchase. It’s simple for you and friendly for your prospective clients. offers several templates for you to use, but keep in mind that you can also edit them from the dashboard to better suit your overall website design. You’re in full control and you have full access to the whole retargeting process.
In addition, all the email addresses coming from the Black Friday traffic on your website would be capitalized on the next big sales period (December). Now, this is really awesome!

Black Friday
To hit a big conversion rate with the Black Friday Automated Communication, we recommend turning off the Browse Behavior Automated E-mail for the entire duration in which the Black Friday trigger is active. That way, the two would not conflict with each other and you’ll get better results.

Need personalized support with the BF Automated Communication? We’re available around the clock to help you whenever you need assistance. You can also, check our tips & tricks for a Brilliant Black Friday here.

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