Retargeting Biz: A Decade of Innovating E-Commerce Marketing

Retargeting Biz: A Decade of Innovating E-Commerce Marketing

In the digital era, the success of e-commerce businesses relies heavily on robust marketing platforms. Among these, Retargeting Biz stands as a powerful all-in-one solution that has been transforming the e-commerce landscape for the past decade.

Retargeting Biz is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. And the celebration goes beyond the walls of its headquarters, located in Bucharest’s glamorous business hub. The venture has grown from a typical Romanian start-up into an international business with teams spread across four countries: Romania, Hungary, Greece, and Bulgaria.

The company’s growth mirrors the evolution of the platform itself. Retargeting Biz started by offering pop-ups and triggered emails. However, recognizing the growing needs of online businesses, it expanded its functionalities to include an array of features that are now indispensable for any online shop:

1. AI-based on-site product recommendations that use behavioral data and shopping history to offer a unique and highly relevant browsing experience to each user to boost engagement, time spent on site, as well as conversion rates and average order value. 

personalized newsletters

2. Easy-to-create newsletter campaigns featuring personalized product recommendations and dynamic blocks, such as countdowns, gifs, and videos to drive open rates, conversions, and customer loyalty. 

3. An extensive library of templates (+700) suited for various industries and shopping events and drag & drop editor that make it easy to create eye-catching campaigns in just a few clicks.

4. Automated and perfectly timed email campaigns that enhance customer experience and drive conversions.

5. Engaging pop-ups, SMS campaigns, and push notifications that enable online retailers to reach their customers on multiple channels, thereby maximizing their marketing reach and effectiveness.

6. Detailed product insights with shopping trends and price recommendations to help online shops make the most of their inventory and boost their profitability.

Over the past decade, Retargeting Biz has built a reputation for being an innovative, reliable, and comprehensive marketing platform. It’s not just the breadth of services that sets them apart; it’s also the depth of impact they have on their clients’ businesses. Among its satisfied clients, the company boasts partnerships with international names like Leroy Merlin, Freywille, and KarcherShop.

A decade into its journey, Retargeting Biz remains committed to driving e-commerce success through its all-in-one marketing platform. Here’s to the next decade of innovation, expansion, and transformative success. 

Happy 10th Anniversary, Retargeting Biz!

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