How to write effective subject lines for Marketing Emails

How to write effective subject lines for Marketing Emails

One email, two emails, another email and then another one come daily in our email inbox. More than 50% of your emails are Promotional, almost 30% are Transactional and only about 20% are Personal emails.

Yes, 50% Promotional emails! Can you even think about the fight between all those subject lines?

We talked in one of our articles about tips to increase your Marketing Email open rate and the subject line of your email was on the first place – that’s why we thought it deserves a special approach.

We will reveal to you our secrets so you can learn how to write effective subject lines for your Marketing Emails.

A subject line can have so many structures, depending on what you want to tell your customers.

Here are some strategies you could use.

  1. The Reason Why

We will always be interested in reasons and whys and that’s because we always need explanations. We bet that when you were a child, you were keep asking why this, why that, driving crazy everyone around you. These things didn’t change. So you will have to tell your customers why they should to something and of course give them some good reasons.


Here are some examples:

  • 5 Reasons why you should try Marketing Automation
  • 3 Reasons why you should use Email Marketing
  • 11 Reasons why you should test your Subject Line


  1. The Benefit

Never forget about benefits! In a sales email, the experts will always talk about features and benefits. Of course readers will be interested especially in the benefits they get. This kind of subject lines sound like a promise.


  • Increase your emails open rate in 2 days
  • Earn your first 10.000$ in a week
  • Learn the basics of SEO in 2 hours


  1. The Question

This kind of subject line could be a really good one because it looks like a start of a conversation. You ask something and you make your subscriber think about an answer – and he doesn’t even notice. Sometimes they think they know the answer and they open your email just because they want to prove themselves they’re right – that’s when you can surprise them!

Questions and Question Mark - Sticky Note Confusion

Think about what would your customers like to find out? Here is some inspiration:

  • Do you think you can gain back your lost clients?
  • Would you like to increase your sales?
  • Want to learn how to write effective emails?


  1. The How To

At point number 2 we were talking about benefits and promises; now, this kind of subject line seems to come with the solution. You tell them that here is what they have to do to achieve those benefits.


Do you want to find out..

  • How to write a great subject line?
  • How to turn your subscribers into clients?
  • How to increase your customer engagement?


  1. The Target

In our last article we were talking about writing to one person – which is really great. Today we want to give you another idea – write to a segment or to a group. Sometimes a group may be your subscriber’s pride and this can save your email.


Think about something like this:

  • Dedicated to all Social Media Experts
  • This is only for Dell clients
  • To all Marketing Specialists out there


No matter which one of these strategies you choose to use, don’t forget about the basics of an effective subject line:

  • Keep it short – try to express what you want to tell to grab your subscribers’ attention in less than 50 words;
  • Place the important words at the beginning – eliminate filler words like Hello / Nice to meet you / Thanks – because you don’t know how much of your subject line will be viewable.
  • Make sure it is attention grabbing – impress your customers through your subject line; make them curious;
  • Personalized it – write to a group or to one person, but make sure you make your subscribers feel special;
  • Don’t make false promises – it may work ones, but you can be sure that that can be the last time those subscribers open your emails;
  • Urgency – sometimes we all try to postpone things. This is what we do with our emails, too – we think that we will read them later, but we forget about them. If we see there is a limited offer, we pay more attention to that email.



With all these tips we’re sure you’ll be able to create great subject lines that will increase your Marketing email open rate!

You should think about all the emails you send – especially those of your Marketing Automation strategy; if you automate something this doesn’t mean that you should forget that every customer is different.

The best way to make your subscribers feel special is by using personalized emails – give them your answers based on their actions. This can help you increase your sales, customer engagement and retention rate!

Think about your business and about the relationship you have with your clients/email subscribers and then fit these tips to the way you communicate with them.

Please, don’t forget about A/B testing!

Now that we’ve shared with you all our secrets, do you have any secret you want to share with us?


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