Why Choose Shopify For Your Online Store

Why Choose Shopify For Your Online Store

There are thousands of eCommerce platforms out there and choosing the right platform for your online business can be a very difficult matter. Having to go through a huge number of pages full of features and explanations, quickly transforms into a chore without benefiting your business in any shape or form. This is why we did all the research and testing ahead of time, and time after time Shopify was between the leaders in many categories.

So, why should you choose Shopify?

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platform in the world and has recently passed the 100.000 active stores milestone. So, it is clear as day that people love using Shopify and many more are joining the platform daily.

There is so much to love when it comes to Shopify. Current users of the platform are enjoying constant feature upgrades and incredible support. They have access to a large app marketplace, which has housed along the years a variety of apps meant to decrease the time spent managing your online store and also to increase the profitability of said store.

Even though Shopify was at the forefront of eCommerce development this doesn’t mean that the current iteration of the platform remains unchanged since its inception. Shopify currently offers top of the line features, like an integrated blogging platform, built-in SEO and ecommerce analytics. Even more so, you can access the platform on the go using any mobile device that you may have, to better suit the live of a busy online shop owner.

Why migrate to Shopify?

Recent hacks have proven that online security is becoming a high demand commodity nowadays. If you are a versed online shop owner or just starting up, the worse thing that can happen is to get hacked, and lose almost all of your clients do to security concerns. Managing your store by yourself, using shady hosting with old servers, implementing new and untested features to your store, these are just a couple of things that can lead to an easily hackable store.

That is why Shopify is offering its services in the cloud. Everything is managed and tested by them, limiting the number of human errors and security vulnerabilities. Having your store in the cloud presents a lot more opportunities. The biggest advantage is that your online store can scale up or down, at the same time with your business. Another perk is that you can process all your payments through Shopify without needing to go through another third party service.

Next steps…

If you want to build your store with Shopify you should apply for a 14 day trial. From here the entire process is very easy. You can choose from a variety of beautifully designed themes and complete all the details of your store. You will get 24/7 support with onboarding to help you get going as fast as possible.

Thinking of migrating to Shopify? You can also get a 14 day trial and full support for the entire migration process.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of all the features that more than 100.000 store owners are already enjoying.

Start your free 14 day trial with Shopify!

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