What is retargeting?

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is the reaction to your visitor’s action.

12 email trigger + 3 live trigger + SMS trigger to deliver your customers the product they want to buy.

Retargeting is the application that helps online stores (whatever the niche) to increase their conversion rate, by offering their users a personalized experience via live messages and personalized triggered emails. It also gives you the possibility to do multitesting, you are not limited to just version A and version B, you can test unlimited versions at the same time.

How does it work?

Email triggers

There are a lot of people that are just passing by, browsing your website on their way to something more important. But when you send them an email reminder 30 minutes later, with their favorite product and a small discount, they feel appreciated so they place an order. The average conversion rate for our browse behavior trigger si 8%.

If a possible client leaves your website with products in the cart (the average cart abandonment rate is 67%), Retargeting will email him and get him back to the website to click the “finish order” button.  Average conversion for the cart saver trigger on Retargeting platform is 21%.

We all “love” bouncing visitors – in and out without doing anything, without giving us a clue what’s on their mind or what were they looking for. But we found a solution for them also – an email with the top 3 best selling products in the last week. And they seem to enjoy it since we have an average conversion rate of 1.5% (on people that were lost forever if it weren’t for us).

On top of everything above,  Retargeting offers you nine additional email triggers (all with the possibility to add an email reminder and as SMS reminder) to improve user’s experience with your online shop. Consequently, this increases the chance of maximizing profit!

You can test Retargeting for free on our own clients!

Live Triggers

Wouldn’t you like to recreate the offline experience of a brick and mortar shop in a small browser for all your clients?

With our live triggers that’s exactly what you’ll do, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Live cart saver helps you to get in contact with users that added products to the carts but left the page without completing the purchase. Our personalized live triggers, live cart saver and live product recommended, will significantly increase your conversion rate, and dynamic subscription will help you increase your subscribers’ database.

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