The tool that makes or breaks the relationship with customers

The tool that makes or breaks the relationship with customers

One very important factor in elevating the reputation, standard and evaluation of an online store is reviews. Not taken much into serious account, they provide one of the most valuable resources available: Customer Feedback.

Reviews create credibility for your products, and increased credibility means increased sales. According to specialists, one-third of clients rank customer review feature as the most important attribute of an online store.

A study by Gartner also found that by 2020, only businesses that consumers think are digitally trustworthy will be profitable.


Some facts and figures

– 70% of customers prefer to look at reviews and ratings before they make a purchase online;

– 63% of customers are more likely to buy from an online store which displays reviews;

– it takes at least 6 reviews for a client to decide whether he/she wants to shop from that e-shop.


Reviews drive credibility

Feedback is the factor that either makes or breaks the relationship of the consumer with the store. It helps build loyalty and trust and lets the potential consumer know the product much more clearly.

65% of online customers prefer to shop from websites that showcase a customer review section. In some cases, customer reviews are given more importance than product descriptions offered by the manufacturer.

They help shoppers to make decisions, faster and better and offer an enhanced shopping experience. These reviews can dramatically improve conversion rates.

They ultimately increase the sales by giving the consumers the information they need to make the decision to purchase the product. People are always more likely to buy the products which have already been recommended by other users.

When customer reviews about the product have been added, 42% of the site administrators have reported increases in average order value.



Reviews improve search engine rankings

Customer reviews help in improving the search engine ranking of your online store and increase its visibility in front of a global audience.

Reviews provide websites with fresh content regularly, and this user-generated content is what differentiates it from others.

This way, you attract more visitors, when they look for similar products, like the ones you sell, with the keyword reviews.


Reviews give an unbiased insight

With the right push at the correct angle, an e-shop can very easily advertise its prospects in the market via the customer feedback. Say, a product has a number of good reviews, thus, directly or indirectly the advertising and marketing of the product extends like a chain reaction.

Authentic and organic reviews from people who have bought a product from your e-shop provide third-party valuable insight into your products and your business. These encourage more and more customers to visit and buy.


Feedback helps you to offer better products

When a customer reviews a product online, you come to know about their preferences. In other words, they let you know about your audience’s buying behavior. This, in turn, helps you enhance your product offerings to your customers and retain them.

Negative reviews are also helpful. For consumers, they provide the worst case scenario they can expect from the product. For e-shop owners, they aid in maintaining the credibility and authenticity of the product: if all the reviews are positive then the probable customer tends to trust the product less.

With the correct follow-up, the seller can accurately know the loopholes of its products and the areas in which it can improve to meet the needs of the end consumer. This leads to a positive experience for the consumer which ultimately helps the business in the future.

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