The total goldmine for your ads ROI

The total goldmine for your ads ROI

Marketing strategies, materials, and products shouldn’t be viewed with the one-and-done mindset. There are so many ways you can use one aspect of your marketing to help several different strategies.

For example, instead of spending a ton of money testing out a new target audience on a Facebook Ad campaign, try using your existing email list to retarget your ads to. This utilizes your existing prospect or customer base. That way you will build authority, refresh interest with your product or service, and create opportunities for those who already love what you do to share your business. This creates an extremely warm, targeted audience for your campaigns which can be a total goldmine for paid advertising ROI.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “Why in the world would I want to spend money retargeting people I’m already reaching with my emails?”. Here are a few reasons why this is a huge advantage to standing out in your industry:


Connect with people in a more relaxed setting

Most of us get emails while we’re at work, and there are so many that we don’t have time to read them all. Those who open your emails may scan it and star or save with the intention of going back later to click through to your site. But people are people. We forget things sometimes.

And since email is mostly work-related, it’s not really designed for massive engagement. Facebook, however, is perfect for that. People typically browse their feed while they’re waiting for something to happen and when they have some free time.

Since your audience saw your email earlier in the day or week, they’ll be more likely to remember you when they see your Facebook ad pop up in their feed. It might even remind them to go back and open up that email to take action on your offer.


Be seen on multiple platforms

On average, marketing messages need to be seen by prospective buyers multiple times before they’ll decide to take action.

For example, the average tech related shopper uses more than 14 sources of information to arrive at their decision to buy. So you want to be seen on multiple platforms!

Using email and Facebook advertising helps increase the frequency that they see you. Not only will they notice you, but they will remember you when they are making a purchase decision. That’s where the sweet spot is!




Authority and trust

There’s a funny thing that happens when people see your business marketing in multiple social channels: it looks like your business is everywhere. Although you might not get a lot of traffic to your business’s Facebook page, people these days expect that you have one and that you are active on the platform.

Additionally, with good retargeting ads popping up all over the place, many people will assume you must be spending a lot of marketing dollars to reach them. This makes it look like your business is very successful since you have the time, manpower, and money for so many ads. All of these assumptions help to build your authority.

When your business looks larger, you’ll also build trust with your customers, since you are there ready to give them the information they want and are showing them products they already like.


It helps you build Lookalike Audiences

But the benefits don’t end with just engaging your current audience. Part of the beauty of this strategy is that you can connect to thousands of people who have similar interests, demographics, purchasing habits, and online activity as your current customers.

You can also create a Lookalike audience, comprised of other Facebook users that have similar interests and needs to your current ones.

This is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing today. This is one of the easiest ways to reach new people, particularly if you have a strong, engaged customer base in your email list.

It’s obviously great retargeting your current followers but having the ability to expand your audience based on that specific demographic could be the difference between doubling or tripling your ROI.


Now that you have all the information, and reasoning, on retargeting your email list, it’s time to take action. Launch a Facebook campaign that mirrors your next email. If you can get even 20% more ROI from the campaign as a result, then that’s a big win. But don’t be surprised if it’s much higher.

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