Seasonal keywords: How to boost your holiday traffic

Seasonal keywords: How to boost your holiday traffic

SEO is an essential tool all year long, but did you know that you should switch up your keywords for the upcoming holidays? According to statistics, about 51 percent of consumers prefer shopping online and will turn to search engines to find the perfect gifts, tips on how to host the best holiday party and holiday recipes.

It’s the perfect time to attract shoppers to your website and maximize your sales. What better way to celebrate the season than with a ton of new customers?

If you want festive shoppers to find your website and all the awesome products you have to offer among the multitude of other e-shops, your SEO needs to be optimized for the season.

And the good news is all you need to do is make a few little tweaks to push yourself ahead of the competition. So, don’t waste another minute; the holiday season is right around the corner. Here are some ways you can boost your seasonal SEO traffic.


Get specific!

You already have a list of keywords that drive traffic to your site. For the holidays all you need to do is to incorporate some seasonal keywords. Consumers will be scouring the web for the perfect gifts and using holiday specific search terms to find them. So, when shoppers start searching for those phrases, you can be found weeks, even months, before your competition.

Take advantage of the most popular search terms and lead users straight to your shop. Another trick, add the year to your keywords, for example, “Black Friday 2018,” to attract consumers looking for up-to-date deals.




Holiday-themed blog posts

Consumers turn to Google to search for ideas and advice to get them through the season. So, if you want to show up in the search results, start creating holiday-themed content. Make sure the topics you choose are related to your business and help consumers solve a problem.

Consider specific buyer personas when crafting your holiday content and remember to always scatter those holiday-specific keywords throughout your blog posts naturally, to ensure your content gets found by your ideal customers.


Optimize landing pages!

If you want to attract big crowds of traffic this season, you need to revamp your existing landing pages for the holidays. Take some of the seasonal keywords described above and incorporate them into your landing pages. Be sure to include lots of internal links to your holiday-themed content and product pages. Change your page title and meta descriptions to speak to the holidays specifically and update your images and videos for the season as well.

Don’t forget that search engines have to have enough time to follow your links and find your holiday landing pages. Make the changes at least 30 days before the holiday you’re preparing for.


Holiday gift guide

Gift guides help consumers’ holiday shopping go smoothly and are great for SEO because they feature different products that web users are searching for. On top of that, a well-executed gift guide will decrease the number of clicks between your home page and product pages, a plus for SEO bots scouring your site.

Create a new webpage for your gift guide and include seasonal keywords, phrases, and links to give your gift guide a boost in search results.

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