A real marketing miracle!

A real marketing miracle!

Knowing that you only have a few seconds to capture your new visitor’s attention before they bounce, how would you like an effective, proven way to increase newsletter sign-ups, reduce abandoned shopping carts, and convert more of your traffic for every single new visitor?

There is a misconception that pop-ups are annoying and don’t work. This is wrong. Pop-ups can turn visitors into customers as well as keep people on your business’s site—as long as you use the right ones. They work. Really, really well.


Here’s what popups can do for your e-shop:

Increase email marketing lists and newsletter growth by 200% to 400%;

– Reduce abandoned carts by up to 10%, helping you avoid the 70% abandonment rate that your competitors are facing;

– Decrease bounce rate;

– Enable coupon discretion, only giving a discount to those not willing to pay full-price, not everyone;

– Increase the average time on your site by more than 50%.


The brands who are doing it right are converting up to 20% of their bouncing visitors into customers and email subscribers. Combining graphic masterpieces with the right message, these brands not only enjoy immediate benefits from extra revenue, they also benefit from a long-term, quality customer base.

They lead to can’t-miss offers for the visitor and ultra-high conversion rates for the brand. Showing the right offer at the right time benefit you, your customer, and your bottom line.

If you’ve decided that a pop-up would be right for your store, there are a few things to consider to make it as effective as possible.



Timing is everything!

You can show your popup at different points in your customers experience on your site. You can hit the visitor as soon as they come to your site, after a predetermined amount of time, when they complete a certain action (like viewing a particular page) or as they are about to leave your site.

Feel free to experiment with the various types of popups and see what works best for you.


The right message

Choosing the right message is critical. Just like creating any ad, your image should be eye-catching and interesting and your copy should be straight to the point and provide a clear benefit along with a strong call-to-action. Many visitors are accustomed to closing popup boxes immediately, so you only have a second to get their attention and pique their interest.


Easy to use and easy to close!

A pop-up shouldn’t make your website harder to use. At worst, it should be a momentary and very slight inconvenience for your user. It should have a clear message and a clear call to action. Your user should never be greeted with a pop-up that makes them wonder what to do next. Even more importantly, it needs to be easy to get out of the pop-up.


Don’t show them too often!

If you don’t want to annoy your client, then don’t show them the same pop-up every time they visit your website or, even worse, on every page. Your pop-up should rely on cookies to make sure it doesn’t keep going out to the same visitors.


Ask people if they like pop-ups and inevitably most of the responses will be negative. But the funny thing is that they still work in spite of that. As long as you have a plan and a purpose, you can be confident that pop-ups will be helpful rather than harmful to your overall goals.

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