Reactive marketing: Ready to market the moment?

Reactive marketing: Ready to market the moment?

Want content that can produce at least 2x the results of a regular social media post or blog? Reactive content marketing! Then you should discover the powerful effects of reactive marketing, a type of content tactic and see how the biggest brands are using it.
Imagine a normal content creating day. You have lots of ideas and the process of creation is running smoothly. When you’re finished, you have content that is perfect for your audience and it fits into your strategy.
This process that most marketers are doing every day is proactive content marketing. You aren’t waiting for something to happen. You’re working on your own steam, making your ideas a reality. But, in today’s world of content marketing, it shouldn’t be just that!
Reactive marketing drives engagement and traffic, positions you as an expert and makes your brand relatable.

What is reactive marketing?
Reactive content works in the opposite way to proactive content marketing. Instead of your own ideas, you react to breaking news, topics, trends and produce content around it. They can be as small as a trending hashtag or as big as international news.
The reactive content can come in the form of a simple post on one of your brand’s social media profiles, or a longer, more informed video or article. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you’re fast! The faster you react, the greater the effects will be.

Why always look for reactive content
When you’re able to break big industry news before everyone else, something else happens to social shares.
Everybody wants to be the first to tell their peers. So, when you become the source of their ground-breaking find, they share the article and guess what? That creates greater reach and even more social shares!
But reactive content marketing can be much simpler than tearing through an article and publishing it before everyone else.

How to implement this type of content

Always be on the lookout!
As a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer, it’s crucial that you stay up-to-date with the latest news in your industry. This means following your market’s decision makers and leaders regularly.
This might sound like lots of time-consuming commitment, but all you have to do is skim through the headlines. If it’s all a bunch of nothing, don’t read it!
Another great place for listening is Social Media. There are numerous ways of utilizing social to uncover killer topics for reactive content marketing, including following industry influencers and the most followed accounts, being a member of relevant groups, tracking trending topics.

Find an angle!
When you’ve listened and found something worth reacting to, it’s time to create an angle. If you can’t tie the topic, trend or news into your brand message, industry or products, don’t use it. The content must fit.
You aren’t creating content for yourself, you’re creating it for everyone else. It’s their opinion that matters, so make sure you are tailoring your reactive content for them!


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Take action immediately!
It really doesn’t matter how amazing your next piece of proactive content is if you’re using a reactive content strategy, you must publish it as fast as possible. Do not hesitate. Act.
The great thing about using reactive content is that your proactive posts and articles can be moved back in your calendar, effectively bulking up your content bank.

No matter the industry you’re in, if you use content marketing, you must implement reactive content marketing. It will propel your results way beyond a regular proactive piece of content.
The biggest brands have been using reactive content on social for a while now, it’s time you considered leaving gaps in your social posting schedule and followed their lead.

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