Programmatic Advertising: The right ad, at the right time

Programmatic Advertising: The right ad, at the right time

Since 70% of buying decisions are based on customer experience, delivering deeper, richer customer experiences is basically a do or die affair. This makes sense in a world where consumers have access to nearly unlimited information and alternative options. Nowadays, companies are investing a lot more in marketing solutions that eliminate human error, inefficiency, and time-wasting, like programmatic advertising.

Artificially intelligent ad-buying robots are probably the future of advertising but don’t go firing your marketing team just yet. You still need real workers to strategize, optimize and add a human touch to your ads.


Make it more personal!

Advertisers and publishers have long looked for ways to make advertising more personalized. In fact, 71 percent of consumers prefer personalized ads, with nearly half citing the fact that a reduction in irrelevant ads is its greatest benefit.

In the world of eCommerce, artificial intelligence and big data will help further play to the shopper’s desire for tailored content. From data-driven product recommendations to individualized display ads, AI is already clutch for a personalized user experience. Programmatic online advertising is only set up to bolster that.


Data-driven advertising

Using data to tailor advertisements to a target market is vital by today’s standards. There is a multitude of categories that can be used to target a certain audience.

Advertisers use things such as large events, people’s interests, previous browsing intent and popular trends to help narrow down an audience. This can be used to more effectively place advertisements and boost CTR’s.

Basically, you are using prior knowledge of a customer to place an ad in a position where customers will most likely interact with it.


programmatic ads


Relevant advertising = More sales

Few things annoy customers more than irrelevant and intrusive online adverts. There are over 600 million devices running adblock software globally, 62% of which were on mobile devices. On the other hand, relevant ads are welcomed by consumers.

One survey found that 78% of consumers were more likely to make a purchase when presented with personally relevant advertising, and 88% of consumers say that personally, relevant content improves how they feel about a brand.


Instantly personalized ads

Lying at the intersection of data and personalization, programmatic advertising uses consumer insight from terabytes of data to customize messages and instantly deliver the most appropriate ad campaigns. According to specialists, programmatic advertising will account for 84% of all digital display ad spending by 2019.

Businesses that use it have become more efficient at media buying and seem an increase in revenue. Every touch point consumers have with your brand is a chance to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and that includes when and where your ads pop up.


Make things easier!

Another advantage of this technology is time-saving. Programmatic technology has the capability to seriously shake up the advertising space so that you might not need to invest so much time setting it up. New programmatic solutions are picking up a lot of the slack for the everyday e-marketer by intelligently automating ad exchanges, discounts, and even A/B testing.

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