Personalized email triggers

Personalized email triggers

Ask any online marketer about one of the most important aspects of this world and the answer will most likely be content. Content is everywhere and consumers are receiving a constantly increasing number of messages daily. Still, there’s one big problem: those messages are for the general public, not for each of them. Also, let’s face it, social media is slowly conquering the web and the typical user is now checking email mostly on mobile devices, while on the go. We can say that we have reached that point where it’s pretty hard to stand out in that inbox and email marketing campaigns might not be as successful as they used to.

Fortunately, technology has reached that point where we can actually send a unique message for each consumer, with a personalized subject, increasing the open rates. Sounds good, right?

We’re talking about personalized email triggers here, which, if you ask us, are the winners in 2015! Keeping it short, compared to classic email marketing, it represents a drastic improvement in the way marketers interact with customers, showing them how important they are, by sending a personalized message to each of them.

Marketers can send specific messages, considering their customers’ preferences. Everything can be done using a specific software which connects directly to a database. Using the provided information, it generates subject lines with a person’s name or even more complex variants, including personal interests. After the messages are sent, you can even track the success of those messages, using advanced analytics.

According to a study released by Experian Marketing Services, analyzing a wide variety of best email marketing practices, personalized emails can only help your business. Transaction rates and revenue per email can grow up to six times, compared to a traditional, non-personalized email.

A personalized promotional mail has 29% higher unique open rate and 41% higher unique click rate, while for triggered email campaigns, the transaction rates can even double, compared to a classic triggered email.

Now that you know why it’s highly recommended to use personalized email triggers, let’s find out what type of triggers work best!

The ‘Welcome’ email – A must-have for every website that has a sign-up section. Each time somebody creates and account or subscribes to your blog, it creates a perfect opportunity for you to welcome him or her. A great way of building trust is sending an email from the CEO, explaining who you are or even what you want to achieve.

Order reminder emails – If you own a shop, it makes sense to trigger a message based on your customers’ previous orders. Let them know about newer models of what they ordered, special offers or similar products. A very effective type of email trigger, we’d say.

Birthday emails – Who doesn’t love a ‘Happy Birthday’ message? If a user needs to introduce the birthdate when signing up on your site, use this information in your favor. Send him or her a message on that day and be creative – insert some information about current promotions or even offer a special birthday discount.

‘Win back’ emails – If one of your customers hasn’t bought anything during the last months, don’t ignore them. In most cases, they stopped doing this because they think the brand doesn’t care about them, not because of your prices, so why not show them you actually care? Send them a message telling you miss them and offer a discount, free shipping, free trial or any other discount that could bring them back.

Surprise emails – Every website has a couple of loyal customers who keep returning. Whether they are purchasing several products or upgrading their membership, send them an email with something free: a gift card, a discount or something small that matters for them.

‘Customer satisfaction’ emails – Ask them what they think about your services, your products or your order delivery system. A happy customer will always give you some positive feedback, while an unsatisfied customer’s opinion is also valuable, as you will know what needs to be improved.

‘Abandoned cart’ emails – One of the most important email triggers a marketer can use. More than half of the visitors who initiate an order don’t completed, so you should know what’s stopping them to push that ‘Send order’ button. In most cases, it’s all because of the price and delivery time but you never know what feedback your potential clients can provide!

Of course, these are just a few examples of trigger based emails, but as long as you start using just a few of them, your clients will definitely engage and increase your conversion rate.

Start with testing your software of choice and see what results a couple of personalized emails bring. If its content meets a customer’s interests, that customer is more likely to open other further emails from you in the future.
Remember, in 2015, personalized email triggers are the absolute winners and could be the key to your success. Make sure you choose the right software, which can get your message across safely and securely, and the right words, and your campaigns will definitely be successful!

Do you know any other examples of email triggers which can be used in a campaign? Share them with us, using the comments section below!


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