How to make it in a world of micro-moments!

How to make it in a world of micro-moments!

In the world where most of us have smartphones in our pockets, people have started to expect immediate answers when they need to know something, do something, or buy something. Nowadays, micro-moments are only multiplying and marketers have to utilize every second they have with a potential customer.


What Are Micro-Moments?

According to Google, micro-moments are intent-driven moments in which consumers make their decisions and shape their preferences. A micro-moment occurs when people look at a device, most likely a smartphone, to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something or buy something.

Basically, the main philosophy behind these moments is that consumers reflexively turn to a device to fulfill their needs: to compare prices, to decide what movie to watch, to read the news. And they expect brands to deliver immediate answers.

To grab their attention, your business needs to reach them in these moments and provide them with something substantive. These quick, intent-rich moments are when decisions are made and preferences are formed.



Why Does Micro-Moment Marketing Matter?

– 69% of people traveling for leisure search for travel ideas during spare moments;

– 50% of those travelers continue to book those ideas;

– 91% of smartphone users look up information while completing a task;

– 82% of smartphone users consult their devices while in a store deciding what to purchase, instead of consulting a sales associate.


Interaction with a device is very normal and common, it is also when consumers are most receptive to messages from businesses and brands.

Additionally, these little computers we all carry around in our pocket have trained consumers to expect that businesses deliver exactly what they want to see at the exact moment they want to see it.

About 69% of online consumers say that quality, timing, and relevance of a company’s message influences their brand perception.


What’s so special about Micro-Moment Marketing?

The philosophy behind micro-moment marketing is that in the world today, consumers are bombarded by content. Consumers already spend an average of 4.7 hours each day on their smartphones, thus the way brands and marketers think about capturing the attention of consumers needs to change.


Live in the Moment!

With micro-moment marketing, it’s important to objectively realize that your brand or product isn’t the center of your consumer’s world. In fact, most of the content might be perceived as an interruption to a consumer as they’re going about their day.

The key is to embrace the idea that you have a few seconds to capture the attention of your target consumer. In those moments, brands are challenged to convey a clear and concise message that is relevant to the consumer. Otherwise, they’re on to the next email, tweet or article and you’ve lost their attention until the next time.

At the end of the day, it starts with content that delivers value and can be consumed quickly.

The second important tactic of micro-moment marketing is the idea of a “value-based exchange.” Why should a consumer spend time engaging with your brand or content? What value do they get out of that interaction? If each interaction does not offer something of value, whether it is insights, knowledge, or even offers, discounts or exclusive experiences, then consumers are unlikely to engage as frequently.

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