Make more money leveraging the power of Youtube!

Make more money leveraging the power of Youtube!

Marketing has passed from being focused on the product or service to be based on the experience of having it. This development has made marketing experts rethink their selling techniques.

It used to be all about products, it was all that mattered! But in these days it is far from being like that, content plays an extremely important role in sales nowadays.


Why content?

Well, it plays with illusion and feelings. By using content, the advertisement is less aggressive as you are not directly saying to clients that they have to buy from you.

The feeling they get is that the organization is actually concerned and want to develop products and services to make customers life easier, they make clients feel like they need the product to be trendy.

As marketers look ahead to the coming months, they often evaluate the things that worked well in the past and decide which new strategies to add to the marketing mix. According to the extensive State of Inbound report, 48 percent of marketers plan to incorporate YouTube into their marketing strategies this year.

This shows that they realize video could be a massive disruptor that changes the ways they do business and works well for connecting with audiences. Here is why!


People love to share videos!

According to specialists, about 92 percent of people who watch videos share them with others. That percentage is comparatively higher than the sharing rates for other types of media, meaning when marketers create engaging videos, they could have broader-than-expected impacts.


Videos make it easy to retain information!

Internet users get bombarded with content. Due to the vast amount of material they can peruse, it’s crucial for marketers to figure out not only how to make people pay attention, but also how to promote information retention. Fortunately, research highlights how video could be the way to do that.

Industry experts have found that people digest information from video 60,000 times faster than they do information from text sources.


How to… videos

Video tutorials are gaining more and more fame. How many times have you typed these two words followed by some other in a search engine? And how many of these times have you picked a video instead of written responses?

Yes, now you may have an idea of how important this type of video marketing has gained ground on internet and YouTube is the biggest platform wherein you can watch –and post- these videos.

With all this movement that reaffirms that a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a video worth. Customers tend more to believe in something if they are able to watch how it works instead of only reading about it. Almost anything can be proved and recorded in a video.



Live videos prolong engagement

The primary goal most marketers have is to keep people interested for as long as possible. To achieve that aim, many marketing professionals invest heavily in original materials, publish new items daily and track trending subjects to determine the topics that are most likely to catch attention.

Data also shows that people are willing to spend eight times longer watching a video feed as it happens rather than consuming pre-recorded material.

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