Landing page tactics for more conversions

Landing page tactics for more conversions

Content marketing is red-hot, but after creating brand awareness, driving traffic and proving your industry authority, how can you use content to convert prospects into leads and paying customers?

If you feel like your landing pages are missing something, your buying pages are converting poorly or you’re just about to build out a new campaign, use one or multiples suggestions from this article and see how your content gives you the conversions you want!


Product tours

A potential customer is in the evaluation stage and thinking hard about purchasing, so why not give him/her a tour of the product?

If you’re selling a physical product, let them take it for a test drive, or physically show them how it works. If you’re selling a service, or software product, a product tour becomes an interactive journey around your product.

You should aim to demonstrate in your landing page the everyday function of your product, its ease of use and the bonus features that your prospect might not have considered.


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Customer success stories

What better way to convince a potential customer about the quality of your product, than with a relatable story from a person with similar pain points?

Customer stories work so well because they build trust, develop your lead’s desire and prove the effectiveness of your brand and, most importantly, they create social proof.

Social proof shows your potential customers that your business is popular, proven and trustworthy. It’s a crucial element that can have massive effects on your landing pages, so make sure you’re using as much of it as possible!

Make sure your landing page examples are from customers with different backgrounds, desires, and problems. This will drastically improve your conversion chances. Think about the problems that your product/service solves and try to get customer stories that relate to all of them.


Free trial

A free trial harnesses the power of FREE, creating a no-risk mentality and increasing the number of users testing its best features.

Businesses that sell memberships, subscriptions or software will benefit the most from this type of content. Many of the people that take the free-trial will instantly convert into paying customers because they’ve had time to test-drive the product.

If your product has tons of personalization features, offer it in your landing page on a free trial. This gives your prospect enough time to adapt it to their needs, increasing desire when the free period is over.



What looks like a customer story, sounds like a customer story, walks like a customer story, but isn’t a customer story? A review!

Prospects who are on the fence will immediately look for reviews, so it’s your job to make sure they are present, available and easy to locate in your landing page.

Reviews also work really well when they are imported from an outside source. I’d advise looking for a relevant review site in your industry and adding their widget to your site.

These widgets act as proof that the stories are honest and independent, building greater trust in your business.


Product Tips

Tips, tricks, and instructions for getting the best out of your product/service really help push people over the line because it allows the prospect to see tons of cool features that they would have never known about, many of which will solve more of their pain points.

It also lets prospects in on expert advice that could be invaluable to their efforts. If there are features to your product that not enough people know about, it’s your job to market them!



Your landing pages will require plenty of tweaking, testing and effort to get right, but when they’re perfect, you can model the same winning formula for all your offers.

The tactics that will work for you, depending on your product, offer and most importantly, your target market.

When you’ve tested, proven and optimized your strategy, you can shift the bulk of your efforts to driving new audiences to your landing pages.

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