How to create high converting headlines

How to create high converting headlines

Which one should get your attention: the content or the headline?

The answer is: both of them.

But is it ok to spend more time building  great content then thinking about the headline for it?

You should reconsider this because 8 out of 10 people actually read your headline, and only 2 of them will read the rest of your post.  A great headline could increase the number of the people that go through your whole post.

That’s why creating it could be the hardest part of your work: it has to be attention grabbing, instill intrigue, answer questions and fit to your audience profile, all at the same time.

Learn new things from the infographic below in order to to create high converting headlines.

Let us know if you have some insights that already work for you and you want to share them with us.

Enjoy this infographic!



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