Get the most out of your CTA!

Get the most out of your CTA!

Crafty, smart and eloquent Call–to–Action button is capable of strategically guiding you through the website to complete certain actions – from buying the product or filling in the sign-up forms. As simple as that. So, what is the secret of the successful CTA buttons? A balance of an attractive, simple design and “stick out like a sore thumb” kind of copy.

The effectiveness of call to action buttons lies in your good predictions between simple and effective design and copy.

So, whether you are a designer or a marketer when it comes to a CTA, you should think of yourself as a social psychologist. Your priority is to find out how people in your niche think and behave.


Here’s what you need to consider when creating call-to-action buttons:

In a nutshell – the entire purpose of the CTA buttons is to get visitors to do something.

Achievements could be different, whether you want your users to fill in the sign-up forms so you can build an email marketing base, or you want them to click the “buy” button.


A simple yet effective design

Nothing revolutionary is necessary for good CTA buttons. Have in mind that bigger is not always better. Don’t oversize it. Huge CTA buttons can look pushy and unworthy so you will drive the users away.

CTA buttons can be of a different color, defined shape with borders and text somewhere in the middle of it. You can add edges, but you don’t need to.

Remember, CTAs are not the place to unleash your creativity or try setting any new trends. Instead, add some more visual cues to guide the attention of the user. Arrows around the button can draw extra attention and improve the conversion.


Contrasting colors!

Contrasting the color of the button is what makes the CTA button efficient.

They stand out if not for copy than for colors, and people will notice them. The action might differ, they might ignore or click on the button, but they will notice it.


A click-worthy copy

Effective CTA button is not only about the color, size, or placement, but a good copy.

Copy of the CTA button invites users and visitors to perform a certain action, and you need to think about the verbs.

Think about your business and determine how you want to build relationships with your users and visitors.

What is more important – make sense of urgency. Use words such as “Now”, “Today” and “Last chance” that can boost your click-through rate.


call to action


Where should you place the CTA?

CTA buttons provide help by presenting a solution to a problem.

When you make a clear statement about what would be the benefits for users to complete an action, you provide value to both your readers and your business.

If you are creative and smart, you will effectively place the essential information in the right visual place, but, if you don’t direct the focus of your visitors to what they need, they will leave.

You need an effective CTA button to help the users focus on what is relevant to your business. Visitors are here to perform a certain action, and you need to make sure they can find what they need.

Try to fit the CTAs in their logical placement. There is no correct solution, only suggestions, and your own testing. Use buttons whenever possible, people are visually oriented. Find out which elements of the page draw the most attention of the user, think and predict it.


To sum it up…

The ideal CTA:

– Should be easy to spot: contrasting color and clear shape.

– Copy as a simple but actionable phrase or verb.

– The right place for CTA buttons will contribute to a high-converting landing page.

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