How is Generation Z reshaping ecommerce

How is Generation Z reshaping ecommerce

A new breed of shoppers called Generation Z is changing the shopping norms which have been practiced for decades.

They love that they have instant access to the information they need, that’s why they think and communicate differently to their predecessors who had to get everything the hard way.

What is Generation Z?

  • Generation Z is comprised of those born between 1996 and 2010;
  • Members didn’t witness the dawn of the online era like Millennials did, they were born into it;
  • Half of them say they “can’t live without” YouTube.

But why should marketers pay attention to this particular generation? Well, like every other one before it, Generation Z is steadily gaining financial power, especially those who were born in 1999 or earlier.

Many of them are about to start or graduate from college and enter a new phase of independence and decision-making. And who’s there to help guide those decisions? Brands, of course. But what’s the best way to reach them?

Social media, a source of information!

Unlike older generations who have gradually incorporated social media into their lives, Generation Z has grown up digitally-savvy, which means that is an important part of the way this age group shops.

Instead of viewing social media solely as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, many young people don’t think twice about engaging with a brand online.


Over 70% of these post-millennials use their smartphones to watch videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Videos which show a new innovation or a radical approach to something never fail to capture the attention of these young people.

This type of content is only going to get more influential in the years to come because it is an effective medium for selling to Gen Z customers, who are going to be your key audience 10 years from now.

Trust and Loyalty, essential for Gen Z

But be careful! However important it is to your marketing strategy, a video can do more harm than good, if not properly used.

Advertising on YouTube is a big turn off for Gen Z; they want videos they can feel and relate to. It’s not enough to feed them with your brand identity, you also have to recognize their identity.

Learn their language and find out what inspires them so that you can connect with them on a personal level. That is the only way you can earn the trust of Generation Z, and their loyalty to your brand, especially because they have endless options, literally at their fingertips.

Inspirational browsing

Today, one in two young consumers agree that smartphones enable them to get better information to help them buy.

While spontaneity is also a big tendency, this type of considered and thoughtful shopping is becoming all the more common, with younger shoppers typically searching online to gain inspiration.

Likewise, having been around to witness the 2008 recession, Gen Z is also unafraid to shop around for the best price as well as the best quality product.

Essentially, they are said to be much more open and inquisitive, responding to retailers that are able to validate their choices and inspire confidence.

Shopping requires recognition!

Also, one of the most striking things is that one in five of Generation Z feels that retailers don’t think they are important, compared to one in three of the general population.

This shows that younger generations recognize their own value, and in turn, have higher expectations when it comes to how they are treated by brands.

What preparations have you undertaken to make your e-shop Generation Z-friendly?

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