Effective ways to use social media to promote your e-shop

Effective ways to use social media to promote your e-shop

Nowadays, Social Media is an integral fragment of a business’ marketing budget. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn, are big household names. Every individual is looking for the right content to engage themselves.

Now is your chance take advantage of the opportunity and be the lead in decreasing your e-commerce cart abandonment using the power of social media marketing.

If you do it right, social media can have a big impact on your sales figures. The aim of the game is getting your customers to be your brand advocates – promoting your company for you.


Where to start?

The first thing to do is think about which platforms you’re going to use. Typically the visual ones, like Instagram and Pinterest, work best for online shops. But Twitter and Facebook are also very important.


Customer Research

Marketers can have an insight into their audience preferences. Have a look at real-time behaviors of what your audience cares about most, their interests, the things that excites them the most about your e-shop.

An efficient use of social network can help you understand audience segmentation and demographic market. This will help with the optimization of campaigns and deliver more targeted messaging.


Customer Acquisition

Your brand and its social profile is considered your identity. Nowadays, customers use social media to explore the market, research about companies, and its products.

First impression is the last impression, there are no second chances. Make the most of your presence and start optimizing your profiles and make it attractive.


Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers. Engage them in activities that they enjoy. Social media can be a way to generate sales, but consider it more to be a way to inform your customers about your product, rather than going for the kill and asking them to buy your product.

Focus on driving traffic from it, add value, and materialize your efforts with an introduction to your brand. This ploy automatically drives sales. Highlight the best, the amazing, the finest, of your brand. Develop a social content strategy that is designed accordingly.



What should you be posting?

Just like your mailing list, your social media strategy will be closely tied into your content marketing strategy.

Split your posts so that only 20% is promotional. The rest being interesting content that appeals to your audience. Followers won’t appreciate a constant stream of promotional messages only. They want to be informed and entertained, rather than just sold to.


Customer Service

Immediacy is an imperative element when it comes to social media. When we work with social media platforms, we want information at the earliest.

This is the main reason why social networks are so vital for customer service. It enables the users; businesses in that regard, to promptly respond to their customers inquiries.


Reward your followers

A great way to engage people is to give something away. Typically in exchange for them posting, sharing or ‘liking’ something.

This might be simply sending a personal message when they buy something, or an exclusive discount code, or a competition.


Set the trend!

Social media used to be an uncharted territory, but now is a universe full of secrets. The marketing world is coming to terms with the modern day social media, and excelling in it too. It has never been this easy to reach your preferred audience.

Social marketing must be more effective, smarter, and better targeted. Following the leader can be good in a way, when you can’t innovate; you tend to apply what’s tried and tested.

However, in the longer run, this won’t lead you to greater milestones, temporary success maybe, but you have to be a trend setter to reign the marketing world.

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