Copywriting, your business secret weapon

Copywriting, your business secret weapon

There’s a reason copywriting is so intimidating for most marketers. It’s due to the fact that copywriting is the reason why people buy something. Copywriting is the text that makes somebody stop thinking, “I can live without it” and start thinking, “Why am I living without it?” That’s a lot of pressure to put on a series of words.


What is and is not Copywriting?

Copywriting is the content you see written in the caption of a Facebook ad. It’s the headline of a Google ad or the description of a YouTube video. It’s the text on a website, from the landing page to the product page.

When people talk about “clickbait” headlines, they’re talking about copywriting. Copywriting motivates people to click on a website, tells them why they need to buy the product, and persuades them to swap their money for goods and services.

Also, the purpose of copywriting is to move you to action. So anything that doesn’t do that? Not copywriting. A blog post about Facebook ads? Not copywriting. That book on your shelf that talks about what copywriting is that you haven’t read? STILL not copywriting.


Who needs copywriting?

As digital marketing has evolved, it has made copywriting more complex. Facebook and Google ads are everywhere, which means our audiences are saturated with bids for their attention.

Most of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. At no other time in history has so much copy existed in the world.

If we want to stand out, we can’t focus solely on selling; we have to use psychology and proven marketing methods to get their attention and hope they’ll want the value we’re offering them. If you have a product that you’re trying to sell to people, you need copywriting.

It’s the reason anyone realizes they have a problem, and, wouldn’t ya know it… your product can solve it.

Every business needs copy if they want to convert traffic into customers. Websites without copy don’t get sign-ups or opt-ins, don’t build brand awareness, and don’t persuade people to give them their money.


When should you use copywriting?

You should be using copy on all of your business’ online platforms: social media, emails, and websites. This isn’t to be confused with only using copy on your platforms.

Think of the last business that wouldn’t stop asking you to buy something from them, whether it was through an email marketing campaign, direct mail, Facebook ad, TV commercial, etc.

When a business asks us too many times to buy something, their reputation suffers. Suddenly they switch from problem solver to annoying.

Yet, as business owners, we still need to ask people to buy things. We just need to do it tactfully…

For example, filling your blog page with copy be overkill. This is where you want to focus on content writing and providing value before asking. On the reverse, copywriting on your landing page is essential. This is the website page that’s going to persuade somebody to visit your blog instead of hitting that dreaded back button.




Test, test, and test again!

This goes to say that copy isn’t always about selling. Sometimes it’s about meeting your customers exactly where they are and telling them that you understand what they’re feeling… so that they buy from you later.

Copy puts a lot of pressure on words to get strangers to buy into what you’re offering. If you’re not hitting the nail on the head with your copywriting and getting the conversion you hoped for, don’t freak out.

The not-so-secret secret about copywriting and marketing is to keep testing your copy over and over and over again. Find the copy that works, put your ad dollars behind it, and then keep testing.

Copy can generate traffic, turn that traffic into conversions, and transform those conversions into raving fans of your brand. If you haven’t made an effort to improve your copy in all parts of your business yet, well, you’re already behind.

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