Boost your sales with product reviews (Part II)

Boost your sales with product reviews (Part II)

In our last article we talked about how you can boost your sales with product reviews, especially what types of reviews you could use and about their benefits.

We found out that there are many different ways to format your reviews: you can add start rating, use text, photos or you can choose to use both of them.

In this article we will talk about how you can attract reviews from your customers, because you know you need them, you know they can boost your sales, but you need to find out how to attract these reviews.

We could say that there is no secret formula; only good reviews – suspicion, only bag reviews – not good at all, a mixture – depends on the proportions, no reviews – there must be something wrong.


So let’s get started and see how you can get them.

Send an email to your customers after they purchase one of your products

Please don’t misunderstand this tip. We are not talking about sending them an email after they finish the order or after they make the payment. In order to ask for a feedback for the products they bought you need to leave them enough time so they can test your products.

Yes, they have to have enough time to test them, but not so much they lose the enthusiasm.

So now you have to find the tight timing so they can give you the reviews you want.

email reviews


Ask for a review right on your product page

Some of your customers may choose to leave some comments on your page before they buy the product. This can happen when they already know the product or maybe when they see the others asking something about your product’s properties and they feel that they can give them an advice.

Of course the best scenario is when they come back after they’ve tested your products because these may be the best testimonials for all your new customers.

As we said before you have different ways to format your reviews. Pick the one that fits your business, your products.

Page review


Make it simple

Sometimes people avoid reviews for different reasons: they don’t know what to say, they think it’s a waste of time, they don’t like words. In this case you could use start ranking. At the end this will be some kind of score of your products and it can help for sure your prospects.

Start Ranking (2)


Give them a reward

Yes, sometimes a reward could be a good incentive for your clients to leave a comment for your products. Don’t think about big prizes. You can give them a discount, access to an article, or maybe the chance to participate at one of your contests. You can test anything you want and see what strategy works best.

People like to receive things and they can see all this like a great deal for them!


Now that you know these tips, feel free to use them!

Tell us which one do you think it’s the best for your business. Are you using it right now?


As now you know all this  about reviews, you should know more about your product page and why it is not selling.


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