Boost your sales with product reviews (Part I)

Boost your sales with product reviews (Part I)

As we said before in one of our articles, on average customers will tell 15 people about their good experience and 24 about the bad ones. People always talk about their experience, because they like to share with the others, they like to ask for an opinion and they like to keep themselves away from failure.

The reason reviews became so important for online stores is that 61% of online shoppers use to read the reviews before they decide to buy a product.

A big plus of product reviews is that they help your customers make a decision by eliminating your prospect’s doubts.

Here are some stats about how product reviews increase sales:


Customers check anything: products, destinations, restaurant, offices, salons, gyms and that’s why you should take care about your business’ reviews – good or bad.

They choose to write comments on your website if you have a review section for your products, talk to other customers in a topic on a forum, share reviews on a special website like Yelp, leave you a review on Facebook, write a post on their blog, and the list can go on because they have so many options.

Reviews on Facebook

Some online stores choose photos instead of a text review so you can see their customers’ happy faces and how those products fit them.

Photo review

Others choose to encourage their customers to write them a review and also upload some pictures.

Photo + text

Reviews have their SEO benefits, too

You already know that search engines like fresh and unique content, so what better way to give it to them than through your products’ reviews. E-commerce customers are already bored about standard product description and more than that they don’t want to read how you promote your products, because this is kind of normal, you want to sell them; they want to hear the truth and they think the best way to find it out is reading reviews from other customers.

Considering that sometimes prospects are looking for some specialists’ advice for certain products, like those from the IT category, they will search for something like – “product name” reviews. This can bring you more traffic if you have reviews on your website.

Product + reviews

It can also increase CTR on results pages

In the image below you can see how star ranking highlights the third result from the list.

Star ranking

We can think about reviews like extra content on our website and we already know that this means improve ranking for long tail targeting.

Long tail formula can be sometimes pretty hard to find, but these reviews give you a helpful hand because users write in their customer language.

Now, you’re reading this and we are pretty sure that you are thinking: what about the bad reviews.

Well, let us tell you that those can be great for you, too.

Respond to the negative comments – sometimes a customer who yells is better than a mute one.

angry woman with phone

If you think that the mute one will keep his bad experience for itself, than you’re wrong, because don’t forget that angry customers will tell everyone about their bad experience and that’s not good for you at all.

You may lose customers and you won’t find out the reason.

So, if you respond to the negative customers you have the chance to fix things. Try to explain the situation, apologize, replace the product if it’s necessarily or maybe you could give them a little discount – try to find a solution, depending on the situation.

Engage with your customers. If you are close to them, there’s a better chance they forgive your mistakes and more than that, they will recommend you to their friends.

Besides the benefits behind bad reviews, please remember that if they are more than the good ones, your business might have some problems and you should think about this.

Do you have any reviews on your website?

If you would like to know how to attract reviews from your customers, keep an eye on our blog, because we will talk about this in or next article!


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