Back-to-school marketing ideas

Back-to-school marketing ideas

Back-to-school shopping is a great selling opportunity for e-commerce businesses. Everything, from apparel and accessories to school supplies and dorm essentials, is among the most searched products starting in mid-July until well into September.

As an online retailer, you need to develop unique back-to-school retail marketing strategies to help you stand out. Here are several tips to help e-commerce shops boost online sales with back-to-school marketing.


Create a back-to-school special page

Create special back-to-school landing pages on your site to highlight back-to-school features, specials, and discounts. Also, try adding special back-to-school categories to your store menu. They will help buyers navigate to the types of products they want and shop quickly.

Add prominent links to these special sections from your homepage and blog and include them in email and social media marketing.


Mobile-friendly website

Without a mobile-friendly store, back-to-school shoppers might not even know you exist. More people are choosing the convenience of shopping with their smartphones. Consumers find it easier to research products and price comparisons using phone apps, which also allow them to make a corresponding purchase.




Develop back-to-school promotions and contests

To promote your back-to-school deals, spend some time developing discounts or special promotions that will attract consumers to your site over the competition. With shopping cart abandonment rates as high as 83.6 percent, free shipping is a major motivator on the path to purchase.

Some e-commerce merchants opt to run a free shipping promotion after customers have spent a specific amount of money. That encourages more spending and increases average order value. Other great promotional options include offering a free gift with purchase or discounts on the campaign’s items.


Run promotions on social media

Email marketing is an extremely effective way to spread the word about promotions. But social media marketing offers another avenue to garner new customers and expand your brand’s influence.

Using Instagram sponsored ads or Facebook advertising, you can target your exact demographic and present them with enticing ads to promote your special items.


Use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective social media strategy that allows brands to partner with popular accounts. These influencers are able to expose your brand to a new audience, expanding your company’s reach online.

Prior to the back-to-school season, reach out to influencers who are involved in your industry and arrange a marketing strategy to promote your sales. Many e-commerce merchants allow influencers to present a special discount code to their followers. It will be an additional incentive.


Start thinking at the holiday shopping season

Every e-commerce merchant knows that summer tends to be a slow season. But once back-to-school rolls around, it’s time to start developing and promoting your holiday shopping deals as well.

You can use email marketing campaigns to keep your subscribers in the know about the upcoming holiday specials and keep them engaged.

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