15 of the Best Subject Line

15 of the Best Subject Line

If you want your triggered emails to have a good open rate we recommend you use as subject line short messages that are exciting for your subscribers.

Below is a list of 20 examples that I recommend to you:

  1. Happy Birthday [name] – Surprise inside e-mail! (works great with our happy birthday trigger!)
  2. Hey (used by Barack Obama)
  3. Don’t open this email! (a little bit tacky, but can do wonders for your open rate)
  4. What are our customers saying? (perfect for when you’re asking for feedback)
  5. Read your review for [something] (use it a week after his review was published to get him back on the site)
  6. I made you a surprise (who doesn’t love surprises?)
  7. You’re missing out on [product] (why would you miss out on a special offer?)
  8. 5 reasons why [put anything you like here] (we all love articles like this!)
  9. Top 10 [put anything you like here] (same thing!)
  10. How do you/What do you [finish the question] (questions work great, no matter the industry)
  11. How to make/How to use [finish the sentence] (we already know that this will work!)
  12. Last minute deals. Take a look (creates the sentiment of urgency, don’t use it too often)
  13. A [product] for [name] (personalized advice? yes, please!)
  14. Ends today! [insert your offer here] (well, if it ends today, we better hurry!)
  15. Bring this email to the store and win [insert offer here] (best way to get your online clients to the brick and mortar shop)


Triggered emails will certainly increase your sales because this is the age of personalization!

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