Why You Need Video Marketing

Why You Need Video Marketing

As we all know Marketing is taking advantage of every opportunity and that’s exactly what it did with videos.

Marketeers already found out that video is another content marketing channel that can be great for you if you want to reach out new clients and engage with them in an amazing way. You can use videos in different ways: talk about your company, present your services, create a description for your products or for “how to” explanations.

You probably already know that videos are important, but… do you use video marketing to promote your business?

Do you know that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy something after they watch a video of that product?

If you are thinking that videos are expensive, let us tell you that they can be as expensive as you want. You don’t have to hire a professional team to create a video; people love no filter videos because they think they represent the reality itself.

So let’s see why we should use video marketing for your business!

1. People like videos: they love watching videos rather than reading tons of text. They pay more attention to a video than to a sales copy that many times it’s just a boring text. You have less chances your customers read your text than watching your entire video. A video is more attractive and engages better with you customers.

2. Video are easy to share: people use to share the content they love with their friends and families. You can post it to your social media channels or on other websites. There are available some tools that could make the job for you – TubeMogul and Hey!Spred – they will distribute you videos on other websites.

3. Products in action: here we will give you 2 simple examples from two different industries – when it comes to buy new clothes people want to see how they would fit. The evolution 0f presenting clothes in online looks like this: simple picture, clothes on plastic silhouettes, real models and after all, here comes one thing that shows the reality: video. This is the way your clients can see your products in action – how they fit a real person. Now, if you sell a software, a video can make things much better for you and your clients: interactive, engaging, interesting and of course, comprehensive.

4. Give a human touch to your brand: a video can make your communication more personal with your clients and it can increase their trust in your brand, because they love to see the person behind. Make a video with your team and present your products or use some testimonials from your beloved clients, to tell your prospects what your story is and how you can help them.

5. Communicate in a very little time: people are curious, but they want to find things as fast as they can. Well, this is exactly what a video can do for you: put you information into a 3 minutes video, rather than into a long text that may take you 15 minutes reading.

Your videos may last many years on the internet, because they go viral and it will bring you more and more exposure. It will help you grab your customer’s attention and make a good first time impression!

If all these examples didn’t convince you, take a look at the infographic below to discover some statistics about video marketing and how it can affect you business – leads, awareness and engagement, because it seems that 2015 is the year of video marketing.



Video Marketing Statistics



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