Why your website isn’t converting visitors into sales?

Why your website isn’t converting visitors into sales?

After a long time, your website is finally online. The store is up and running and you’re looking forward to start seeing the first sales. The days come and go and it still doesn’t happen. OK, it’s just the beginning and you’re not losing hope. But after a while it becomes frustrating to see that your website isn’t converting visitors into sales…

There’s no need to panic though, as you’re not the only one in this situation. We have identified the main reasons why this is happening and put them in a short list, hoping that you will consider them and start looking for fixes.

  1. You don’t have a mobile-friendly website

In 2016, this is a must, as more and more people are using smartphones or tablets in order to browse the Web. Actually, Google said that we’ve reached a point in which there are more mobile searches than desktop searches made daily!

There are a lot of aspects you should consider when optimizing landing pages for mobile, like using text that’s easy to read, having just one call to action and avoid large chunks of text. Keeping it short, each visitor should access all of your website’s features with just a few swipes. If their mobile experience with your website isn’t satisfying, there’s no wonder they don’t buy anything.

  1. Your website is too slow

56 Kbps is already history and you don’t want your site to live in the past. And come on, let’s be honest, we all hate when a website takes ages to load and when it finally does, it’s way too slow, making us to close the window.

You know what else is bad about having a slow website, besides losing a potential sale? You will lose all future sales from that specific visitor, since nobody wants to return to a website known for loading slowly.

  1. You’re not offering discounts

No matter the moment of the day or the year, people are always looking for special offers or discounts. I mean, who doesn’t like to save some money from time to time?

If you don’t offer any visible discounts or at least free shipping, you should definitely consider doing this. Oh, and after implementing them, make sure any visitor can easily find out about them. There are a few heat-map tools you can use in order to see where your visitors are scrolling and clicking, so you can find out where’s the best sport for placing this offers.

  1. Visitors need an account in order to buy

Signing-up on a website is child’s play, requiring just a few minutes, but still, people hate doing it. Maybe they don’t want to give their email address, maybe they don’t want to receive your newsletter or who knows what other reasons they can think of.

The truth is that creating an account adds more time to the checkout process and people want to buy something as fast as possible. We’re not saying that you should totally eliminate the account creation process, but there’s always the option of buying something as a guest, without giving personal details.

These are just a few of the reasons why your visitors aren’t converting into sales, but we’re convinced that fixing them will improve your conversion rate! Also, like always, the comments section is open, so if you know any extra reasons which can be added on this list or simply want to share your thoughts about this topic, feel free to drop us a few lines.


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