Upsell your product with retargeting without pushing too hard

Upsell your product with retargeting without pushing too hard

Upselling is one of the most important marketing strategy every serious seller must look into and exploit. It basically involves suggesting related products to buyers that have already make purchases on your website. Suggesting additional products to buy, which complement the purchases they already made guarantees that you sell more products to the same buyer, and hitherto make more money from a single buyer. Yet, the best upselling approach is one which does not suggest that you’re being intrusive or exploitative. You stand a serious chance of losing a buyer forever if they feel exploited. Instead, you guarantee an upsell by employing strategies that makes the buyer feel they need the product you suggested.

Naturally, it is easier to make sales to an existing customer than trying to sell to a new one. This is what makes the prospect of upselling enticing. A customer who has bought one of your products would be more willing to listen to your suggestion of another product and make a purchase. Upselling is therefore essential to make conversions from existing customers and can serve as a great source of revenue generation for businesses. The trick, however, is learning how to upsell without pushing too hard or appearing intrusive.

Retargeting has traditionally been used as a great marketing strategy to get in front of visitors that bounced off of a website, and push them to make purchases with personalized ads that directly target them. Yet, retargeting has been shown to be an amazing tool to upsell products and services. At, we have made the amazing discovery that conversion rates are considerably higher when upselling with retargeting than the normal site-based method of retargeting.

To successfully upsell using retargeting, you have to employ unique segmentation tactics. This ensures that you’re retargeting specific groups of people with specific ads. The beauty of retargeting is tailoring the right ads to the right group of people, and this is what ensures successful upselling of your products or services. Hence, segmentation is important.

To start off with segmentation, you will need to check out your Google Analytics to analyze the rate at which visitors check out the various pages on your website. This gives you the understanding of which page gets more visitor and a feel of exactly what your visitors require. Furnished with this information, it becomes easy to send retargeting ads that speak specifically and directly to your visitors and their needs. With tailor-made retargeting ads, there is a bigger prospect of converting, all thanks to your specific and personalized ads. It is however important to make sure that you remove users from the audience you’re retargeting once they have converted. This is essential so that you don’t keep on sending the same retargeting ads to them.

Providing educational videos about how the products bought on your website work also aid in upselling other products. Customers are naturally more willing to trust someone who provides them with valuable help. Finally, it is also important to exploit the advantages the various retargeting tools offer, to guarantee successful upselling without trying too hard.


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