Top 5 videos that will skyrocket your eCommerce conversions

Top 5 videos that will skyrocket your eCommerce conversions

Remember those days when you were waiting for a video to load for minutes and maybe then you were able to watch a 240p short clip, which stopped playing when it was finally getting interesting? Yeah, forgot about them.

Thanks to the fast Internet connections we can enjoy today, videos turned out to be an essential part in any marketing strategy, being an excellent way to attract visitors and engage the community built around your brand. Because you do have or at least trying to build a community around your brand, right? If not, start doing it. Now!

Despite all the available resources, there are a lot of marketers that don’t seem to be aware about what impact can a few video have. If you’re one of them, sit back, as we’re about to talk about five types of videos that can help you take your conversions to a whole new level.

  1. How to videos

Ever since 2013 – august, to be more specific – when Google introduced the Hummingbird algorithm update, anything on the web which had “how to” in the title had a slight advantage over similar content which didn’t.

This type of video basically presents a product or a service’s full range of feature, explaining the potential buyer how to use it, step by step. Adding a link to your website (or directly to the product/service’s page) will do wonders.

  1. Testimonials

Like mentioned in a previous article, in 2016, testimonials will have a huge impact on your e-commerce conversions. After all, before buying something online, everybody should do a bit of research and see if previous customers were satisfied.

A testimonial video can be very effective in converting, especially if you do everything you can and put together a collage with actual clients, saying how good your service or product is. If a personal touch is added to the video, it’s even better!

  1. Comparison videos

This type of videos can really help you if you’re part of a very competitive niche, allowing you to show why whatever you’re selling is better than your competitors’ products or services.

Just think at smartphones. If some advertising regulations wouldn’t forbid it, Samsung could make a video telling everybody how their Galaxy S6 is better than the LG G4. No, not Apple, we don’t want to start a war here. This kind of video can help customers decide which product or service suits their specific needs best.

  1. Product Demo videos

In some way or another, it’s very similar to how to videos, except it’s way more recognizable. Keeping it short, it shows how a product works, but it also presents its benefits. These videos are excellent for the first page of your website and if they’re also made in a funny and entertaining way, your customers will definitely watch it entirely.

  1. Interactive videos

This is video marketing taken to a whole new level, but oh, one video like this can even make your website go viral. It works best for fashion websites or any niche that implies personalizing items before selling the, but with a bit of creativity, it can be used in other domains as well.

Nike, for example, did an excellent job with their ad for the new Mercurial iD football boot. Anybody was able to customize their own pair and eventually order it.


To sum up, videos can have a huge impact on your conversions if you know how and when to use them. Add a bit of creativity, alongside some research about your audience and great results will come shortly. And by great results we also mean an increase in engagement and brand awareness, besides increase conversion rates.


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