How to make your subscribers love you

How to make your subscribers love you




When it comes to email marketing, you must agree with the following statement: “Subscribers are love, subscribers are life”. You may have the best emails in the world, but if somebody doesn’t open them, they’re pretty much useless. Considering this, one of your main purposes as an email marketer, besides increasing your number of subscribers, is to keep them. Or, if you want, to make them love you.

At first, this might be a bit confusing, but there’s no need to worry, as we’re here to make everything clear. We’ve put together a short list with tips on how to keep your subscribers and make them adore every message you’re sending.

Tell them that you appreciate them

As soon as they subscribe to your mailing list, make sure you greet them warmly. A lot of marketing efforts start wrong due to the lack of a welcome, a “Thank you for subscribing!” or an overall form of appreciation.

You definitely know that the first impression always counts and this principle is also applied when we’re talking about digital impressions.

Don’t communicate with them as a business

One of the most important factors that influences whether or not an email will be opened is who the sender is. People want to know that an actual person talks with them, not like they’re reading an automatic generated message.

Just let this sink in a bit. Which email are you more tempted to open? One that comes from a faceless brand or one that it’s sent by an actual individual? If you choose the first option, then you might have a problem…

Personalize your messages

The easiest way of doing this is to add the recipient’s name or any other personal information to the message you’re sending. Of course, there are other methods as well, but this is the easiest one and guess what? It just works!

Multiple studies have proven that the difference between open rates and click rates for personalized emails are insane, compared to non-personalized emails. People love to be called on their name, as it activates a deep emotional response in the brain. Use this trick in order to make your subscribers appreciate you!

Ask questions

It’s well known that an email subject that includes a question can quickly trigger curiosity, but don’t just resume to something boring. Instead, opt for something that makes the reader think a bit and make sure to avoid revealing the answer until the end of your message.

There are several good questions you can use. A good example would be “Wanna see what we’re giving away this weekend?”, as, besides triggering curiosity, it also implies that your readers have the chance to get something for free.

Remember, what matters in this situation is to create a closer connection between you, as a brand, and your audience.

Tell them a story

As funny as this might sound, it’s a great way of creating a deep relationship with your subscribers. Multiple studies have shown that the best emails are considered those who get an emotional response from the viewers, no matter if we’re talking about humor, love, excitement or even sadness. As long as it.

Always write in first person, referring to yourself, and don’t worry if the email is a bit longer, it’s a story after all. Also, people do read longer emails if they deliver value!

These are just 5 tips on how to make your subscribers really appreciate you, but we’re sure that there are plenty other methods out there. If you know any, do tell us about them, using the comments section. We’re looking forward to reading your ideas! Also, let us know what do you think about the tips presented above!


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