Traffic from Social media

Traffic from Social media

You’ve heard it multiple times from your friends and not only: “If you’re not on Facebook, it’s like you don’t exist”. We wouldn’t take it that far, but we must admit that social media has pretty much turned out to be a pretty important part of our lives. And currently, it’s used for a lot of things, not just keeping in touch with your friends and family.

We’re talking business here! Most important business are aware of the power of social media and they’re doing their best to have a strong presence, no matter if we’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or even Snapchat.

Of course, it’s obvious that social media it’s excellent for promoting stuff, but what if we go a bit deeper and we told you that it could be one of the top traffic sources for your website?

In case you’re the owner of a site who is currently struggling to attract traffic, you’re in the right place, as we’ve put together a list with a few quick tips on how to attract new visitors from social media. Let’s begin shall we?

Visual content is always more appealing

It’s obvious that the whole idea is to share content from your website, but what most people don’t know is that the most engagement is brought by visual content. To be more specific, image based posts attract 39% more engagement on Facebook, 28% more on Google+ and with up to a whooping 200% more on Twitter.

Next time you’re posting an update, make sure you include an image, a GIF, a Vine or any other type of visual content and the number of visitors coming from social media should definitely grow.

Use hashtags properly

If you spend some time online, you’ve definitely noticed how some people started using hashtags basically everywhere. No, I’m serious. I’ve seen posts with a ‘#’ before every word from a status update. Probably that person who did this though it was some kind of trend…

What hashtags actually do is expand the reach of a post beyond your followers, reaching new audiences who are interested in a specific topic. Using one or two of them can increase your post’s reach and automatically attract new visitors. #usethemwisely.

Use geotagging for local businesses

One feature that most people aren’t aware of is the ability to reach local audiences through social media just by including a geographic location when creating an account. Using this will help your posts reach more people in your area and who knows how many of those who click on the links you’re sharing might turn into some serious customers.

Use high conversion keywords

Believe it or not, the engagement your posts create depends a lot on what you’re writing on social media. Yes, we’re talking about keywords, as, just like when on Google, some of them can generate more clicks than others.

Using them properly in the content you post can really increase the reach and, of course, the traffic sent to your website. For example, for Facebook, keywords like “where”, “when”, “discount”, “deals” or “amuses” work very good, while on Twitter you can use “Check out”, “Top”, “Retweet” or “Follow” and be surprised with the results.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways of using social media as a traffic source. Oh, and the tips presented above are just a few from a very big list. If you’ve tried other methods and they turn out to be successful, feel free to share them with us, using the comments section below.




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