Retargeting and CloudCart partnership

Retargeting and CloudCart partnership

With CloudCart and Retargeting every small idea turns into a profitable business

Retargeting indeed has no borders. And the proof of that is our new partnership with CloudCart, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Bulgaria. With Retargeting and CloudCart the shoppers can expand their online business with just a few clicks in order to keep their clients happy.

CloudCart advantages

CloudCart is more than a platform for online business, it’s an entire ecosystem. Is a powerful tool to create and manage all processes involved in creating and supporting an e-store. It offers the users the chance to create an e-shop that looks stylish, is flexible and can answer all their needs in a highly customizable way that is adapted to local market needs. Users can do it without having previous experience in design, programming or maintenance of online stores.

Through over 12 years of experience in this field, the CloudCart developers have seen that one of the largest issues for users is their control panel interface. This is something they have worked on very extensively, making CloudCart a merchant-friendly interface.

And the benefits don’t stop here

CloudCart features what others either don’t offer or they offer at an extra cost. The platform is fully SEO optimized, mobile friendly, has professional e-commerce templates, integration with more than 700 top used applications, among which, integration with payment gateways, shipping options, marketing tools, CRM, inventory management, business intelligence, at just the monthly subscription cost. – Made personal

Low conversion rate, high bounce rate, and cart abandonment? We have a solution for each of these problems that give headaches to e-shop owners. And it only takes 3 clicks to integrate Retargeting on CloudCart platform.

More than 1,200 clients worldwide, on 5 continents and over 30 countries. That’s just a couple of numbers to describe Retargeting reach. And everything is made personal, every client is special and every user’s journey is tracked and personalized in order to boost e-shops sales.

The European expansion of Retargeting continues. After Hungary e-commerce event, last week was Bulgaria’s turn to be conquered by our team who participated in eCOMM Congress in Sofia. This way, Retargeting strengthens its position in the regional market.

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