Discover how retargeting can prevent cart abandonment

Discover how retargeting can prevent cart abandonment

Retargeting is an online advertising which focuses on the consumer as a result of the consumer’s activity on the internet. This form of targeted advertising uses a web bug which is embedded in customer’s e-mail to enable a marketer display ads to the consumer on the internet. As an online retailer, retargeting will enable you track visitors to your website and convert them to your customers. It is a great way of bringing back customers who leave an online store before checking out. The following tips will aid an online retailer in using retargeting to prevent cart abandonment.

1. Information about Customers

Online shopping allows a shopper easy access to several online shops. This enables a shopper to compare items and their prices before making any purchase. A shopper may abandon a shopping cart as a result of high price of items or unexpected total cost. Unfinished transaction is a problem to e-commerce as well as online marketers. However, an abandoned cart can be a source of information to a digital marketer. Information about items a shopper was interested in can be obtained from an abandoned cart. Such information is used by the retailer to create targeted ads which will display the items of interest as well as related items which the shopper may be interested in.

2. E-mail Reminder

E-mail retargeting is very important in encouraging a shopper to complete purchase online. A digital marketer can use e-mail messages to display ads to a shopper while the shopper is online. Such e-mail messages should be sent on time to the shopper before the shopper buys from another online store. It is advisable to do so within an hour a shopper abandons a cart. If the customer does not respond to the initial message, follow-up e-mails can be sent periodically to the customer to convince her to complete her transactions. These e-mails can offer incentives such as discounted prices and gifts.

3. Frequency Of Reminders

Conversion rates depend on how often a marketer reminds a cart abandoner about the items abandoned by the shopper. Reminders can be sent consistently without annoying the customer. Thus, an online marketer should know the ideal time to send a reminder to a potential buyer. It is better to send the reminders at a period when a customer is likely to purchase items. Increase in online shopping has been reported during holidays and celebrations such as Christmas and birthdays.  It is ideal to send reminders to cart abandoners at these periods as they may be interested in buying the items they had previously neglected.

4. Peak Season Offers

Giving incentives such as discounted prices, free shipping and gifts even for a limited time can bring back shoppers who had abandoned their carts to complete their transactions. Also, offers such as discounts to shoppers who had earned a given number of loyalty points and first buyer during a given period are also methods of attraction customers who abandoned their carts.

5. Live Triggers

Live triggers can also allow you to communicate with your potential customers while they are still on your website and encourage them to complete their transactions.

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