The perfect e-mail

The perfect e-mail


What makes the perfect email? Well, this can be a pretty difficult question. Actually, at a second though, it’s not difficult at all, if we take things logically. Of course, there are a few wizards of words that are able to make people buy stuff – because that’s the purpose – instantly, but the thing is they’re pretty rare and we have a feeling that you don’t know any of them. Therefore, you want to learn how to put together that magic email, right?

If your answer is yes, we have some bad news and good news. The bad news is that we’re not wizards of words either, but the good part is that we can still help you with a few tips on how to write the perfect email, resulted after testing, testing and testing. And some testing as well.

There’s no secret that email is the leading channel in terms of ROI, so it would be a pity if you wouldn’t give them a shot. Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Research is the starting point

We’ve said it in previous articles and we’re going to say it again: you need to know your audience. You don’t need just some demographic information, but browsing habits, shopping preferences, what device they’re reading the email from and so on. If you have access to research tools that can provide this type of information, exploit them to the max and know who you are addressing to.

  1. More quality, less quantity

We know, you want to tell your subscribers as much as possible about what you’re selling, in just an email. And it’s possible, but you can end up writing a freakin’ novel instead of an email and guess what? People will get bored reading it and your emails will end up being left unopened, while your number of subscribers will decrease constantly.

Make sure you make them short and concise, requiring less than a minute to digest all the delivered information. Oh, and don’t forget that people can be annoyed by too many messages. 1 or 2 per week are more than enough.

  1. A catchy subject line

Yes, the content is important, but before a subscriber gets the, he or she needs to open the email. And believe us, this is pretty hard to achieve without a catchy title. They subject line can make the different between an email that converts and one that ends up in the trash.

In order to write a good title, you need to consider the four U’s: urgent, unique, ultra specific and useful. Make the reader act now, with a title they don’t see every day, tailored to your audience and promising to offer something in exchange for reading it. See what we did here?

  1. Be honest

If you’re also trying to build a relationship with your subscribers, as long as create a specific image for your brand, you need to gain their trust. And how do you do this? By being honest all the time. Never rely on clickbait subject lines or promise them something you can offer.

Still, make sure you don’t get too personal with your emails, as you want them to trust you as a business, not as a friend.

And these are the essential tips, in our opinion, that you should consider in your quest of creating the perfect email. We’re convinced that there are a lot more aspects that should be considered, but these are the most important.

Like always, the comment section is open and we’re looking forward to reading your opinions on this. Also, if you have other tips which you consider worth sharing, don’t be shy and let us know about them!


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