How to overcome E-mail Marketing Strategy Challenges

How to overcome E-mail Marketing Strategy Challenges

Focusing on the day-to-day tasks can make you easily fall into the pit of constant execution. And losing the sight of the bigger picture won’t do anything good for you, but exactly the opposite. You could lose track of the important details that make a marketing campaign successful. As a marketer, in order to evolve and get bigger you need to overcome all the challenges you might intercept in following your strategy. By the way, this one is the most important! Having a solid and good marketing strategy is the key to success.

Improving customer acquisition and retention

This is the number one challenge for many marketers. As you might already know, there’s a big difference between the number of visitors you get on your website and the number of the ones that actually convert to buyers. For every EUR 98 spent for bringing traffic, only EUR 1 is spent to actually convert prospects into customers.

Both the acquisition and the retention of new clients is essential to the growth of the company. Email marketing is 40 times more effective than Social Media at acquiring new customers and also at retaining them. With so many options for the consumers nowadays, their attention span decreases, leaving you with the one and only option of giving them what they want. Let’s face it! You most probably know what your target wants. Why not serve them exactly what they wanna get?

Marketing Automation tools are critical to retaining customers because marketers can deliver relevant content at scale. Try for 14 days on your e-shop, without any fees. It’s the easiest way to test our software and our marketing strategies.

What about personalization?

For the personalization process you get the solution upfront, as you already know it: Marketing Automation. Besides helping you gather data about your visitors and turning them into buyers, a tool like lets you personalize the messages you’re sending from scratch. The colors of the buttons, images of the products and text fonts can all be adapted to the style your site presents, in order to help your customers get used to the brand.

Email personalization is strongly tied to all the other challenges you might face as a marketer. Without relevant and personalized messages it’s even harder to engage, acquire and retain customers. Emails with personalized content are 26% more likely to be opened and generate 760% increase in email revenue from targeted and segmented campaigns.

Reduce your marketing costs

Beyond being the least important challenge on marketers’ lists, this one should be taken into consideration while taking care of all the other aspects of a marketing campaign. It’s pretty important to find a balance between staying in your budget and spending money exactly on what you need.

Many software tools on the market are expensive, time-consuming and difficult to use. is charging a regressive commission fee based on generated sales. This way you reduce your marketing costs while also saving a lot of time and delivering amazing content. Furthermore, the implementation it’s the easiest and our technical team is here to help you all the way. Even better, our customer success team can help you for free to set up your account. What more could you wish for? This is the all-in-one marketing automation tool to help you follow your strategy and overcome the problem that you’re facing daily.

And you know what? In a few days we will have a major release on our software, so we are committed to constant upgrades and performance improvements with only one thing in mind: to increase the sales of your online shop.

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