Live triggers – Everything you need to know

Live triggers – Everything you need to know

In a perfect world, the majority of a site’s visitors are interested in its products and the same majority will also buy these products from their first visit. Unfortunately, we’re living in a world that’s far from being perfect and – get ready for this – just an average of around 3% of a website’s visitors convert. A bit sad, isn’t it?

But hey, don’t be blue, because those days when tons of your traffic was simply wasted are history, thanks to retargeting. The beauty of this whole ‘retargeting’ thing is that it’s using a various amount of features, with the sole purpose of helping you sell more. Because that’s what every ecommerce business owner wants in the end.

One of the basic concepts behind retargeting is the trigger. Now, a trigger is a circumstance that makes a visitor decide upon his upcoming action on your website. There are three big categories: live triggers, email triggers and SMS triggers.

We would love to tell you about all of them, but we’re afraid that we might get a bit too enthusiastic about them, since it’s a topic we love, and don’t know when to stop. So, today we’re talking about the  live triggers offered by Retargeting.Biz. But we’ll come back to the other two in the future! Pinky promise.

A live trigger is a message displayed on a website, in real time, while a visitor is still searching for the desired product. Thus, Retargeting keeps him or her attracted, while the interest for your products still exists, leading to a higher conversion rate.

One of the most important live triggers is the Live Cart Saver. This little thing is able to figure out when visitors are heading over to the “X” in the top corner of a window, in order to close it, and, through a short message and a call to action, will stop them from doing this. Sounds cool, huh?

Moving on, we have the Live Product Recommender. Wait ‘til you see what this bad boy can do! Considering visitors’ browsing history, it can identify the products which have the biggest chance of being acquired and send them a personalized message, with a special offer, for the products they’re interested in. People love personalized things and seeing an offer tailored to their needs increases the chances of converting.

Finally, there’s the Live Dynamic Subscription. It’s well known that a big subscribers list is an insanely important asset, with a huge potential. Still, sometimes it can be a little hard to build this list. Yes, build it, because real marketers don’t buy email lists! But back to our live trigger… Keeping it short, it’s the perfect instrument for transforming visitors to newsletter subscribers, through a simple pop-up window. And believe us, they won’t be annoyed by it!

These are the three live triggers offered by Retargeting.Biz, able to make your life easier, since, one implemented, you won’t have that much to do but lay low and see your sales growing.

What are your thoughts on this? Which trigger do you fancy the most and why? Let us know, using the comments section below!


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