Lead nurturing techniques

Lead nurturing techniques

Nowadays, there’s a tendency among companies to rely just on inbound marketing for lead generation, which, in our book, is not that OK. Now don’t get us wrong, as this is a great approach, but the idea is that leads can be generated through other methods as well, like some amazing pieces of content or attractive landing pages!

Still, let’s not forget that lead generation is just a part of inbound marketing, as, in the end, most marketers won’t be satisfied just with converting leads. No, not at all! They want to nurture these leads, in order to be ready for sales immediately. But there’s one problem: nurturing leads ain’t that easy.

Starting from the idea that you’ve reached this page being aware of the importance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy, we’ve put together a short list with tactics that we consider the best.  Let’s get it on!

  1. Create targeted content

You know what they say, “content is king”, so we had to start with this one.  According to the folks over HubSpot, leads nurtured with targeted content produce an increase in sales opportunities of more than 20%, which is a pretty impressive number.

But hey, if you want to use targeted content in order to nurture leads, it’s not as easy as creating a simple blog post. A real business understands its buyer personas, so the content it creates should nurture each of these personas. Keeping it short, you need to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

  1. Send personalized emails

We’ve talked about email plenty of times and we’ll keep doing it. It’s not a secret that email marketing is the most effective tactic for lead nurturing, but what if you send personalized messages instead of generic ones?

Of course, there are a lot of ways you can personalize an email, like sending triggered messages when someone performs a specific action on your website or shows an increased level of engagement. Actually, it’s just like with content: delivering the right message, to the ri…you get the point.

  1. Use social media

This is a relatively new method of nurturing leads, but there’s one network out that that hides a lot of unexploited potential. We’re talking about LinkedIn, whose newsfeed is an excellent platform for making sure your content reaches your leads.

You should be aware of the fact that every industry has specific ways of lead nurturing via social media, so it’s essential to have a strategy for each platform you’re planning to use.

  1. Never use aggressive sales tactics

…unless you want to put off prospects when nurturing leads. All your efforts should be focused on understanding and eventually developing a relationship with your prospects. Therefore, send them content that is always useful, in order to gain their trust. Remember, there’s a thin line between annoying people with your messages and helping them.

  1. Engage your current customers

Your current customers are a valuable asset. You can use them in order to implement a formal nurture program, by anticipating milestones, like renewals and many more. If you send them information about upcoming releases or product improvements, you will only demonstrate value.

And there you have it, ladies and gents. Five easy to implement tips on nurturing leads. Like always, we’re looking forward to finding out more about your experience with this, so feel free to share with us, using the comments section below.


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