How to make your delivery options better using retargeting

How to make your delivery options better using retargeting

Where exactly will the customer who has just ordered from you be in an hour time? Aren’t you sure?

This is a question you may have to begin asking soon, as technology and logistics are catching up with the consumers expectations regarding package delivery. Yes, the future is here!

Customer expectations for delivery are changing faster than before. With the arrival of Amazon Prime, reliable delivery timeslots, and accurate tracking information are becoming the norm for retailers of all sizes. While e-commerce giants such as Amazon or Walmart can afford to spend a lot of resources on customers’ emerging preferences, most independent retailers are at a loss as to the best way to use retargeting tools to maximize their e-commerce sales and delivery to grow customers’ loyalty.

Yet, retailers have an often overlooked tool in their hands — data. With technology permeating every aspect of e-commerce, more data is more available than before. Data can help retailers enhance customer service,  overall supply chain, and delivery when used effectively.

Here are ways retailers can make delivery better and grow their businesses using retargeting.

1.Share Distribution Data With Customers

Automate shipping updates to customers online or through mobile alerts using technology and retargeting. It is known to deliver a more precise delivery information.

Sharing shipping and delivery information is an effective way to build trust. This is particularly true in retail, where consumers often get agitated about long delivery times. Sharing an estimated delivery window will ease customers’ minds, reduce customer service calls and keep them engaged with your brand after purchase.

  1. Use Retargeting To Improve Internal Systems

You can gain insight into customer shopping pattern and preferences by analyzing delivery destinations, patterns in purchasing traffic and customers’ preferred shipping methods and delivery times.

Retargeting can help take the pulse of your customers and optimize their supply chains (inventory decisions, and carrier optimization). Since customer data is never static, it generates continuous insights that can help develop your logistics processes as a retailer.

  1. Retargeting + UberRUSH

Because only 2-4% of the traffic that visits your site will come back, 9 out of 10 marketers actively retarget users with ads that attract and convert them back.

But consumers can become angry if you retarget them too often especially with irrelevant and pointless ads.

Combining retargeting with UberRUSH is a double-threat you can use to create relevant, tailored, and urgent retargeted ads that are more liable to be regarded as valuable, relevant, and with gratitude. Remember, the idea is to leverage convenience and urgency. Look for opportunities that do this by serving retargeted ads that suit their situations. For example:

  • Inform prospective buyer, likely on a Friday, that an evening gown which they recently viewed is either on sale or has been selected for same day delivery. Assure them they will have it delivered just in time for the weekend.
  • Inform prospective buyer that a fashionable hat which they recently viewed is now limited in quantity (e.g., only 6 left) and can be delivered before the prospective buyer gets home and in time to wear out for dinner.
  1. Diversify Delivery Options

Some companies have recently introduced new and innovative delivery methods catering to consumers’ whims on-demand. Uber, Sidecar, Deliv, and TaskRabbit are changing the nature of on-demand delivery. These companies allow both retailers and consumers to test unconventional shipping methods such as white-glove and blanket wrap delivery services, to deliver goods more efficiently.

In order to take advantage of all this, Retargeting.Biz can do that for you. We can use technology to offer optimal delivery methods for every item, and respond to your customers’ preferences. While consumer demands are quick to change, you can stay one step ahead by utilizing the abundant retargeting readily available in the shipping and logistics process.


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