How to convert visitors into subscribers

How to convert visitors into subscribers

You already know that email marketing can help you to better communicate with your customers, attract more visitors to your website and also increase your income.

According to Michigan Beekeepers’ Associaction’s survey it seems like 79% of respondents prefer to receive emails, more than any other advertising medium, so email marketing can be a huge opportunity for you.

A great way to increase your database is to convert your visitors into subscribers and you can do this with the help of a marketing automation software.

In this article we will reveal to you some quick tips that will help you attract more subscribers without annoying them.

The news can be better than: 79% like receiving email – because ExactTarget found that 91% of consumers say that they check their email at least once a day – which means that you have 91% chances that your subscribers will read your email and after that take some actions.

That’s why you should focus on gaining more and more subscribers. A retargeting software is a great way to do that.

1. Get Referrals

What better way to attract more subscribers, than by referrals?

As Mark Zuckerberg said once: “Nothing influences people more that a recommendation from a trusted friend”, and we second that.

You just have to give to your current subscribers enough value so they feel they should share it with their friends, because it can help them, too. Try finding the best motivation for your subscribers so they will forward your emails. This way, your email marketing strategy will turn out to be very productive.

referral (1)

2. Place Opt In forms at strategic locations

Above the fold, below the fold, left, right, up, down… you have so many options to place your opt-in forms. Because it depends on your audience, your website design, your message, you should choose very carefully where you place the opt-in form.

The best way to find out is A/B Testing, a tool often used in retargeting.

Below you can see some examples for opt-in form placement:

Above the fold:

Subscribe above


Left side:

Subscribe left


Right side:

Subscribe right

Another great idea is the Dynamic Subscription, a trigger that can help you gain more and more subscribers, without annoying them! Use a retargeting software to observe observe your customer’s profile, and then choose where and when your Dynamic Subscription should appear.

dynamic subscription


3. Pre-sell your upcoming content

Start educating your subscribers on a certain product, before you start selling.

To better understand this tip, we will give you an example: Eben Pagan. He educates his subscriber by giving them 3 content videos and after that he opens the sell for his online courses.


As Neil Patel observes, his video usually have a clear structure:

The First video: it presents you the opportunities you have to achieve one of your goals (increase your website traffic, gain more subscribers, increase your sales)

The Second video: it presents how others met failure because they didn’t apply the right tactics.

The Third video: now Eben Pagan explains to you how you can apply his tips to your business, in order to succeed.

Eben Pagan’s success proves us that people need some education before making a purchase or any other goal we set for our business. Email marketing is an excellent opportunity to provide valuable information for potential clients. Try to educate your subscribers for free and you will see how they will become your customers.


This kind of pre-selling will bring you for sure some referrals and then convert them into clients.

If you are not ready for something like Eben Pagan’s pre-selling, start with our first two tips. You will see that these will significantly increase your database.


How do you convert your website visitors into subscribers?

Do you have any simple tips to share with us?

Are you tempted to try out a retargeting software?


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