Granify competitors

Granify competitors

Remarketing is one of the hottest concepts of the moment and a lot of companies are considering it. And the best part is that the offer is pretty big, so they can choose from a few excellent services. Still, this choice can be pretty hard, especially if you’re looking forward to deciding upon the service that has the most effective services, available at a pocket-friendly price.

Since you’re reading this, you’re most likely in this situation, but you’re lucky, since we’ve picked three of the best remarketing services on the market and made a short description for each of them, focusing on their top notch features, in order to make your choice easier.

First of all, we have Retargeting.Biz. Their promise is to help you sell more, through their amazing triggers: live ones, through email and through SMS.

“Live Cart Saver”, “Live Product Recommender” and “Live Dynamic Subscription” are the live triggers that will help you to keep clients on your website and, even more, increase sales. And don’t worry, they also have a solution for bringing back visitors who left your site without buying, using Cart Saver emails, Product of Interest emails, Cross Selling emails or Inactivity Triggers. Also, they have a secret ace in their sleeve, about which marketers have forgotten: SMS. I mean, everybody checks their phones, right?

Next, there’s Granify. Using their one of a kind Decision Engine, they are able to understand digital body language and predict a client’s next move and, if it identifies something that will stop them from purchasing, it automatically displays a message that is able to alter their decision. And this is happening while a client is still on the site!

Granify’s process is entirely automated and the results are reported in your personal dashboard, with a very simple and comprehensive interface, enabling you to clearly see how much the service is helping you.

Otherwise, unlike the previous service, Retargeting.Biz, no more additional details are given on their website, but a thing that we really like is the ROI calculator they’re providing, which helps you figure out how much extra revenue the platform will earn you.

Finally, we have 4-tell, a service claiming to be “committed to business”. They promise that shoppers who click on their recommendations spend 5 times longer shopping, and spend 17.1% more, which is definitely an impressive number. In a nutshell, their service helps customers find the products they want and improves their overall experience.

Their personalized customer experiences, powerful merchandising control, multi-channel support, targeted customer engagement, and insights intro customer behavior are able to deliver a double digit increase in sales, the majority of their clients reporting values bigger with more than 17%. Oh, and they integrate all ecommerce and email platforms, which is definitely a plus, but so does Retargeting.Biz and Granify.

And this is it, folks. You have three excellent remarketing services you can choose from. Even though we’re trying to be as impartial as possible, we must admit that Retargeting.Biz would be the one leading in a top. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the other two aren’t great!

Like always, we’re curious about your opinion. Have you tried any of these services? How was the overall experience?


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