Get Creative with Your FAQs using Retargeting

Get Creative with Your FAQs using Retargeting

A well-written FAQ can help you sell to customers without even being physically present. We’ve realized that an effective FAQ section should be written by your customers, not you.

Most business owners and marketers don’t consider FAQs important when it comes to the design of their website sales funnel. They are often pushed off to the back burner as just something every other website has.

Thinking this way is a critical mistake. FAQs should not be written just for the sake of filling space on your website. FAQs are an opportunity to convince cautious buyers.

When customers, especially the curious ones, visit your site, they head on to you FAQ page after leaving the home or landing page. Hence the need to be really creative with your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) using retargeting as a tool.Take advantage of this insight to better help you creatively compose your Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) in a way that ensures all likely questions in the mind of the consumers are thoroughly answered.

Why Do I Need An FAQ Section On My Website?

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. When a prospective customer arrives on your website, it’s like they are walking into your brick and mortar store. But unlike walking into a store, there’s usually no one around who they can ask for help if they have a question. FAQ is where the customer can find answers to specific questions related to the purchase and use of your offering.

Remember, people are inherently risk-averse, and in order to earn a sale, the content of your website, including the FAQ, needs to overcome the inertia of that risk perception.

Think about it from the customer’s point of view:

  • They don’t know you
  • They don’t trust you

But they want more information before they take a chance and give you their hard-earned dollars.

FAQs are therefore an opportunity to advance the conversation with customers and put their fears and objections at ease so they are ready and willing to buy from you. When the right questions are answered by this section, the conversion rate on your site will increase.

Now that you know why, let’s get into the tips on how to be creative with your FAQ.

  • Track how many FAQs a person reads based on mouse hover or clicks.
  • Track which questions are being clicked on the most and if more than 3 questions are clicked on, you can respond by showing a pop-up offer to help via chat, or even a coupon code offer, depending on which questions are clicked.
  • Send the FAQ in an email follow-up to leads that haven’t converted yet. and so many others practice this. The way it works is after a prospect has entered their contact information on your website and you’ve already sent them at least one follow-up email, then the next email can include the text of your frequently asked questions.

At the end of the email you should always ask something open-ended like “If you didn’t see your questions here, just hit reply and I’ll be happy to help you.” It’s a simple way to be proactive while also engaging prospective customers.

  • Similarly, another simple way you can positively influence how your FAQ affects conversions is to include a call-to-action button close by.


FAQs are an integral part of any well thought out online presence. Everyone knows what they are but not everyone uses them. Their purpose is to help you have a “conversation” with your customer by preempting what they need directly on the page — and all they had to do to get those answers was click or scroll down.


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