Get creative with retargeting tools

Get creative with retargeting tools

Often times, buyers visit online stores only to espy the products on offer and leave without making a purchase. Actually, according to research, only 2% of visitors make a sale conversion on a website. The other 98% of people who visit are often lost forever, or maybe not. Come in retargeting.

Retargeting is a marketing strategy which serves to reach and persuade those 98% of uncommitted visitors to return back to your website and make a conversion. Retargeting basically involves showing personalized ads to the visitors that had been on your website at one time in the past – those 98% unconverted visitors. Retargeting makes it possible to lure back those lost visitors and remind them of what you offer, which is of benefit to them.

To successfully capture the attention of your former visitors and turn their attention back to your website, you have to be able to tailor the retargeting ads to their specific needs. Yet, it must not appear to be intrusive or overbearing. This is where a few retargeting tools come in, to ensure that your retargeting strategy is appropriate and successful. We, at Retargeting.Biz intend to familiarize you with some of the best retargeting tools to ensure an upward surge in sales.

Retargeter: owning and exclusively controlling the retargeting niche, Retargeter is a great tool to push your ads across to a large amount of web users, especially those that have once visited your website. Retargeter offers the ability to push ads to the Facebook feeds of people who visited your website without making purchases. Apart from this, with the Retargeter tool, it is easy to target specific visitors based on a variety of parameters. This ensures even more specific and personalized retargeting ads.

Chango: while majority of retargeting tools target visitors of a website from some basic data on the website, Chango works by retargeting the unconverted visitors of your website via the use of “intent signals” that come from many sources, as against the normal data from the website. Chango utilizes several billion searches to capture the “intent data” needed. According to Chango, retargeting with intent base data leads to more sale conversions than the regular retargeting. Apart from its unique retargeting methodology, Chango also offers dynamic creative retargeting, ensures brand safety, prevention of fraud, and a host of other features. Apart from this, Chango also offers social, search and look-alike retargeting.

Adroll: they are easily at the top of the pyramid of retargeting tools. Adroll boasts of an “unparalleled Return On Investment (ROI)” claim of earning ten dollars for their client, on every dollar spent on marketing. With numerous reputable clients, it is easy to see why they have been atop the retargeting platform for a while. With Adroll, it is possible to place retargeted ads across major ad exchanges and networks. Apart from this, they also offer remarketing on Facebook, customer segmentation and a host of other services. Adroll is quite easily the most popular remarketing tool available, and they boast of the lowest CPM.


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