Emotional triggers on mobile

Emotional triggers on mobile

If you like to call yourself a true marketer you should be aware about the continuously growing importance of mobile, the platform of the moment when it comes to digital advertising. Delivering a message on desktop can be hard sometimes, considering that it implies audience targeting, engagement and finally transmitting something, but when the screen gets smaller, things might complicate a bit. But there’s no need to panic, as we have a hint for you.

We can call mobile displays as the most personal screens, so there’s no doubt that they’re an untapped opportunity for marketers. By exploiting this intimacy and adding a bit of creativity, you can engage with customers and build brand engagement!

The whole secret behind this is appealing to users’ emotions. If you want your message to be received properly, you need to trigger these emotions, which, again, might sound complicated.

Unlike live and email triggers offered by Retargeting.biz, emotional triggers are experiences that draw a person back into the past, causing feeling and behaviors to arise. And, believe it or not, you can use these experiences in order to create a memorable user experience on mobile. Here are a few tips on how to do it…

Understand emotional triggers

…because without this, all your strategy would be in vain. Love, anger, curiosity, fear, trust and guilt are some of the most powerful ones and you should use them wisely. Also, the most powerful the emotion you’re targeting, the more likely it will move someone. Still, you should be aware that triggering these emotions shouldn’t be done too strongly.

Be subtle

We wanted to mention this aspect, which we consider essential, as emotional triggers should be used with subtlety, especially on mobile. Your message needs to avoid falling into your average pitch, as it will be perceived as untrustworthy and cheap. Call it emotion-stabbing content if you want, but if you’re aggressive, you will drive away more prospects that you will convert.

Tell a story

The easiest way to trigger emotions is through a story. And believe us, if you combine this with the tip presented above, you win. Telling a story is a great way of keeping things subtle while easily transforming your readers into leads and guiding them in the direction you want to go. Besides this, with a great story, you will manage to gain their attention, which is a something big nowadays.

Make people feel like they belong to something

Human nature can be very complex sometimes, giving people the desire to belong to a group, a family or even a social network. It has been proven that a lot of buyers decide upon a product or service in order to show and feel that sense of belonging to whatever they’re buying.

These tips, even though they’re just a few, will surely help you developing your mobile strategy. Don’t forget that nowadays, it’s not enough to offer the best services out there, as making people trust you it’s one of the key points. And what better way to make somebody trust you than through emotions?

Of course, there will be people claiming that emotional triggers on mobile aren’t that ethic, but in the end, if you’re sincere all the time with your audience, we don’t see anything wrong in this. Go on, give them a shot and you will take your mobile marketing strategy to a whole new level.


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