Email Marketing Trends for 2016

Email Marketing Trends for 2016

Today we’re focusing on the future. To be more specific, we’re talking a bit about some of the most interesting email marketing predictions for 2016. Like every year, marketing specialists like to express their opinion about what they are considering some of the hottest strategies, with a high potential.

Since email marketing has a very special place in our hearts, we’re devouring everything new related to it, especially those ideas which make us say “you know…this is so crazy that it might work very good”. Catch my drift? So, without going further with this introduction let’s see which are…

The most interesting email marketing trends for 2016.

  1. The importance of mobile will continue to grow

There’s no secret that more than half of all the received email messages are nowadays opened on mobile devices, but guess what? It’s going higher in 2016. And this is definitely a good thing for marketers, with several implications.

You need to make sure that you’re using a responsive or at least mobile friendly design. Also, test them and click them and test them again on mobile devices, in order to make sure they look good before sending. Finally, since we’re speaking about relatively small screens, shorter emails are likely to perform better. Same goes for the file size. You don’t want your subscribers to consume all their data on a message, right?

  1. Personalization will be a hot topic as well

In 2016, you need to make your emails as relevant and relatable as possible. You can’t expect to have the same results for all age groups with the same text. The latest studies show that 18-24 years-olds are more likely in those messages which say something about a discount, while middle-aged users and even seniors are very happy to hear that somebody is offering them free shipping. Use this information not just in the copy itself, but in the design and the headline.

Remember, this doesn’t work just with old customers, since it can be very effective for new customers too. For example, if they buy something from you, make sure you send a message after a few weeks, asking them how are they enjoying it. Try some cross selling in the email, you never know.

  1. Emails will start moving

Well…let me make this a bit clearer. More and more marketers will try to make their messages if not interactive, at least animated. And by this we’re referring to videos, gifs and anything else that makes the reader spend a little extra time on the message.

And don’t tell me that you haven’t seen this that often. Remember those emails from stores, with special offers and a countdown timer, telling you how much time left until the offers are over. Yeah, that kind of animation, but way more complex.  Still, remember one thing. Since the animation is basically the thing that catches the attention, try to make it the call of action of the email. It can bring some surprising results.

  1. Lightboxes will stay. And help email lists grow

If you’re not familiar with the ‘lightbox’ term, let’s call them ‘those annoying pop-ups that interrupt your reading’. Even though they might be…well, annoying, using a lightbox on your site has proven to be an effective technique, as they can grow email lists 5 to 10 times faster than the regular email signup form.

The whole secret is to set the correct trigger and not just make them pop out after 3 seconds spent by the user on a website. There are two examples of triggers which can work great: when the user moves the cursor off the webpage and into the browser or, the second one, depending on scroll depth or time on page.  Just set the right timing and make sure the lightbox pops out when the readers are still engaged and interested in your content.

  1. A new email killer app will rise

Or not. Seriously now, this happens every year. During the first months, usually January, somebody comes up with a new and revolutionary app, claiming that this will mark the end of email as we know it and a lot of other details, more and less interesting. Nope, it won’t happen. Period.

Hopefully, we managed to deliver a few good ideas which you will actually use in your email marketing strategy for 2016. If so, please tell us which one of them you liked the most, and, like always, we want to hear new ideas from you. Which email marketing trends do you consider the most interesting, able to make a difference this year? The comments section is waiting!


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  1. Awesome post! I’ve been using segmentation for a while with my GetResponse. Testing emails for responsiveness is essential nowadays. It’s so frustrating when you can’t see the email clearly. It goes straight to trash. Luckily email is here to stay! It’s important to keep testing and improving the email campaigns. 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback, it’s means alot to us. Yes, it’s very important to keep testing because this is the only way to get a good result 🙂


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