E-commerce industry and consumer data in 2017 Infographic

E-commerce industry and consumer data in 2017 Infographic

Consumer surveys state that 95 percent of Americans shop yearly online, and according to Ecommerce News Europe, 60% of Europeans with internet access shopped online once a month. Additionally, the frequency of online deals is growing exponentially. Nearly 51 percent of Americans confirm that their loyalties are shifting from marketplaces to e-stores. The e-commerce trendsetter of 2017 is that 62 percent of smartphone users are making online purchases through their mobiles.     

If your business is losing steam in a maze of marketplaces, it’s high time you quit running and become airborne. Capitalize on the latest e-commerce trends to sharpen your business trajectory. This is the way to do it:

Be online 24/7, 365 days

When you’re sleeping, buyers overseas are hitting the mall keyed up to buy. Being online 24/7 ensures you’re there to catch eager shoppers. Surveys tell you that marketplaces are seeing business share plummeting to 45 percent, while branded e-store sales are soaring by 55 percent.  This is your opportunity to build a loyal brand following in cyberspace.  

Make social selling your business multiplier

Statistics detailing the business impact of social media are revealing. Over 20 percent of Facebook followers, 14 percent of Instagram users, and 10 percent of Snapchat users are gravitating to e-stores spurred by a flood of advertisements, product sharing, and attractive offers. A combination of product information sharing on Facebook, visually appealing advertisements on Instagram and customer interactive branding on Snapchat will effectively channel traffic to your e-store and escalate conversions.

Tell your customers you’re there to fulfill their every need

Understanding consumer behavior is the most important step in blazing a new trajectory in e-commerce. Be aware that 87 percent of consumers are sensitive to brand pricing that doesn’t undermine quality. Know that 80 percent of online buyers favor near instant delivery with minimal shipping cost. Nearly 71 percent of consumers say they are attracted by discounts and shopping incentives. On the other hand, regarding EU countries, according to the European Commission, “61% online orders in another EU country failed because the trader refused to serve the consumer’s country or did not offer cross-border payment.” Fulfilling these basic consumer needs ensures that your e-commerce jet scales the stratosphere with ease.

Make your product visible, and your services accessible to consumers

Appealing visuals: Nothing works better than eye candy. Visually extravagant, high-definition, stunning product imagery hooks 78 percent of online buyers. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and a host of interactive media become platforms for positioning attractive product images.

Positive feedback: More than what you say about your product, it’s the feedback that consumers leave behind that captures the limelight or turns away the spotlight. More than 69 percent of online buyers conveyed that product reviews helped firm up buying decisions. Persuading your consumers to discuss your services, share product information, and write customer reviews guarantees escalation of business volumes and conversions.

Live Chat feature: Consumers moving from marketplaces to e-stores need lots of information and the assurance of quality support services before they decide a product. Nearly 22 percent of online shoppers say they favored chat services. Being available on demand through a live chat facility goes a long way in establishing your reputation, building your brand, improving your credibility, and kick-starting conversions.  

The final word

E-commerce is rapidly disrupting conservative business models and traditional ways of doing business. The consumer being King switches preferences in nanoseconds. Businesses that do not adapt to e-commerce trends risk becoming obsolete. What would be your choice? Would you prefer to run your business the old-fashioned way or shift gears to the ambitious trajectory that e-commerce charts?

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Infographic credit: Trade Vitality


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