How content marketing can help brands

How content marketing can help brands

We can actually remember how many articles and studies stating that “content is king” we’ve read in the past year. Still, we’ve never wondered, not even once, why people keep saying this. Because they’re absolutely right and content is freakin’ king nowadays!

“Ok, but how can content help an ecommerce website?” you will ask. Oh, my sweet summer child, you have no idea about the real power of a nicely written piece of content…

For example, besides raising brand awareness, content marketing can help brands in their SEO strategies, growing their audience, improving social reach and, most important, selling more!

Below you can find a few examples of how some of the most famous brands went content in order to deliver some amazing results. Let the show begin!

Mr. Porter

We’re talking about a men’s clothes store here, nothing interesting until now.  Still, besides their online shop, these guys have a section called ‘The Journal’, loaded with high quality articles.

One of them was with The Special One, Mr. Jose Mourinho himself. The former Chelsea FC manager answered a few questions and was shown wearing some of the items available in the shop. What better way to make a brand more attractive than convincing a celebrity to endorse it (in some way or another) and write an article about this on your website?


Yes, the second example belongs to another clothes retailer, so what? The folks over ASOS know how to keep their audience, fact proven by the articles they’re publishing on their website.

Besides using images with celebrities – because come on, almost everybody likes to read stuff about celebrities – and some almost-clickbait headlines, they link to their own products in the body of the article. For example, if an actor is wearing some specific items, they will surely help you achieve that look with the same or similar items from their store.

As a tip we can extract from this idea, you should make sure that the content you’re producing can be linked to the products or services you’re selling.

Urban Armor Gear

There are tons of phone cases manufacturers on the market, but Urban Armor Gear manages to stand out due to some its extreme models, with military grade durability. Also, they are the perfect example of how a blog can be used in order to provide more details about your products or services.

Urban Armor Gear’s articles inform people about new products, the advantages of using their products and, maybe most important, show their products in action. In this case, how a phone protected by one of their cases deals with a drop from a very big height.


Even though we’re talking about an online shoe store, this example works for pretty much every niche. Heels put together a terminology glossary, with all the terms  from this industry, called “Shoe Education: Terminologies and Meanings”.

This is what is called a piece of evergreen content, meaning that it will never be outdated, not to mention what a huge opportunity of getting links to your website and tons of shares on social media. Oh, and you can also update it with new stuff, in order to constantly benefit from its potential.

As you can see, content marketing can have a high impact or an ecommerce website if a bit of creativity is added. The ones presented above are just a few examples or how content can help your business, but there are definitely more of them. If you are one of those who already implemented content marketing with successful results, tell us your story in the comments section below!


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