Cart Abandonment Automated E-mail

Cart Abandonment Automated E-mail

Cart Abandonment Automated E-mail: the message is sent after a customer has added a product in their online shopping basket and then left the website without finalizing the order.


Gives the customers the right reason to finalize the order, depending on their behavioral analytics, in order to increase their lifetime value as customers and gaining back lost revenue.


The e-mail is sent to known visitors who abandoned their cart, with the products that they wanted to buy along with an incentive to place their order.

Communication flow:

This automated message can be part of a three steps communication flow: after the parent e-mail is sent, you can send a second e-mail (as a reminder) depending on the response to the first one. Also, you can set up a SMS reminder as the third step in order to increase the chance of buying.

Case study:

A new Retargeting client, one of the leading fashion stores in Eastern and Central Europe, with free trial in May 2017, had the following results for the Cart Abandonment Automated e-mails:

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