Amazon vs. Alibaba

Amazon vs. Alibaba

The online market continues to grow as more and more customers tend to buy their goods online. When talking about e-commerce giants we definitely have two big names in our mind: Amazon – in the US and Alibaba – in China.

But it seems that now, these two big players are fighting for another big territory: India. Amazon is there since 2013, while Alibaba just opened his doors this year.

Both of them have their weapons for sure… In 2014, Amazon was voted the 9th most-visited website while Taobao (Alibaba’s division) was on 10th place.

Did you know that Amazon’s original name is “Cadabra”?

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezo in 1994 in Washington, while Alibaba is a little bit younger – founded in 1999 by Jack Ma.

Do you know how many employees do they have?

Well, considering 2014, there were 88.400 employees for Amazon and only 24.000 for Alibaba.

Want to find out more about this fight between the giants of the e-commerce world?

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