7 ways that facebook retargeting can get you more leads

7 ways that facebook retargeting can get you more leads

Do you market on Facebook or want to increase your ROI with Facebook retargeting campaigns? In this article, we’ll introduce you to Facebook retargeting and show you seven ways that Facebook retargeting can get you more leads.

Facebook retargeting is one of the most effective ways to re-engage with your audience and get more sales. It allows you reach people who have earlier engaged with your business: visited your site, subscribed or bought an item.

You can create retargeting audiences on Facebook based on your email list, website traffic, and mobile app activity. E.g., you can upload your existing email list directly to Facebook to create a Custom Audience, which is a target audience made of your subscribers registered on Facebook.

Below are seven ways that Facebook retargeting can get you more leads:

  1. Retargeting Website Visitors

Install Facebook Pixel on your site to start building the remarketing audiences. After installation, you’ll need to tell Facebook precisely what subset of all website visitors you wish to contact based on the pages they visited and time spent.

For instance, you can create a Custom Audience of ‘your website visitors in the last 180 days’ for general engagement campaigns such as brand awareness ads. Even better, you can also use this to advance people in the sales funnel systematically, e.g. targeting and driving website visitors to a particular page on your website.

  1. Retargeting Category Page Visitors

Facebook recommends having a minimum of several hundreds of people in a remarketing audience before using it for your campaigns.  Use the category audience for promoting individual products within it once it’s ready.

  1. Retargeting Specific Page Visitors

Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty! Show ads to blog visitors based on the specific products they viewed but haven’t bought. Manually set up a website custom audience based on individual web pages visited. You can use the dynamic retargeting feature to create a massive remarketing campaign if you have hundreds of product pages.

Likewise, if you have an article or post on your blog that has generated a lot of traffic, set up a website custom audience for it and create a matching lead magnet.

  1. Retargeting Add-To-Cart Visitors

The average cart abandonment rate is 68%  which means that as much as two-thirds of all add-to-carts will drop before check out – and that’s a tremendous opportunity for retargeting.

By targeting those who added an item to wish list or cart but did not check out, you can give a nudge or reminder to complete the purchase. Because it’s specific and so far in the funnel, it will yield vast results.

  1. Retargeting Subscribers

Facebook Remarketing is a good way to enhance email marketing. Upload your complete email list to Facebook and create a custom audience with it. Then, create an ad campaign that is targeting all subscribers or those on your email list that haven’t viewed the promotion yet.

  1. Retargeting Previous Buyers

If someone already bought from you, it is likely they will be interested in your products again – capitalize on that. You can reach your previous buyers through the following ways:

  • Create a website custom audience based on the “checkout success.”
  • Upload a different email list using your buyers as a custom audience.
  • Then create an ad campaign to advertise. You upsell offers or give them a special discount to encourage return visits and purchases.
  1. Excluding Audiences

Not only can you remarket to a precise audience, but you can also exclude people who already took the action you desired. To do this, select which custom audience you want to exclude from your targeting while creating the ad.

This way, as soon as someone clicks on an ad, they’ll stop seeing acquisition ads and would see relevant remarketing ads instead.

In conclusion, there are a lot of valuable ways to use Facebook retargeting: from re-engaging those on your email list, to targeting visitors who dropped at the checkout point in the sales funnel. Take advantage of this! At Retargeting.biz, we’ll help you consolidate acquisition campaigns with retargeting, increase the lifetime value of every customer and generate a higher retargeting ROI on your ad campaigns.

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