5 types of retargeting any marketer should know

5 types of retargeting any marketer should know

The beauty of online marketing is that it’s constantly changing and, no matter how much you know about it, you can never call yourselves an expert. That’s right, you can’t be more than a specialist and even like this, you need to constantly keep yourself update with the latest trends in order to be eligible for this status.

For example, years ago, nobody thought that retargeting would become one of the hottest topics of the moment, as it can be…Wait, we should tell you what does retargeting mean first, right?

Keeping it short, we can call it a form of online advertising able to get website visitors who didn’t convert back to a site, by showing them ads tailored for them. Or you can call them retargeting ads.

And when it comes to this topic, most marketers think solely at search retargeting, but the truth is that there are multiple types of retargeting, all of them insanely efficient, which you should know about. If you want to call yourself a true marketer, that is.

  1. Search retargeting

As mentioned above, this is the most popular type. Basically, you’re hunting individuals on search engines who have previously made searches using keywords that are relevant to your business.

Still, the biggest disadvantage of this type of retargeting is that it’s based on assumptions. After all, you don’t know the searcher’s intent. Yes, they made a search relevant for you, but this doesn’t mean that they want to make a purchase…

  1. Site retargeting

Thing are getting easier, as you’re now focusing on people who actually visited your site, so you can follow them and make your message heard. But the whole idea is to target users differently, depending on what they did on your website.

This is where the Live Triggers offered by Retargeting.Biz kick in. No matter if we’re talking about the Live Card Saver, the Live Product Recommender or the Live dynamic subscription, the triggers will make your life easier, since they will do all the talking and bring you sales.

  1. Email retargeting

This is pretty obvious, right? Email is by far one of the strongest driver of sales and a popular channel among marketers, so there’s no wonder that it’s intensely exploited and considered an important type of retargeting. Simply put, it allows you to retarget visitors based on the actions they have taken on your emails.

Using triggers like the cart saver, Retargeting.Biz’s platform will let users know when they forget products and offer a small incentive for them to finish the order. Also, the same platform is able to identify the product of interest for each visitor and send them a special discount if they decide to place an order in the upcoming 48 hours.

  1. SEO Retargeting

Very similar to site retargeting, this type has a lot to do with the search terms used to arrive on your site. Combine these details with the actions users take on your site and you have a new level of insight about their intent.

  1. Social media retargeting

There’s no need to mention that social media has already become an essential marketing platform, especially if we’re talking about the big ones – Facebook and Twitter – which have some incredibly complex ads system.

Social media retargeting consists in displaying ads on networks, aiming people who visited your site, but without converting. You can choose to run retargeting ads only on one of these networks or on both. And believe us, considering the amount of time people are spending on social networks nowadays, it can be highly effective!

Do you know any other types of retargeting that a marketer should know about? Tell us about them, using the comments section below!


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