5 Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic and Beauty Industry

5 Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic and Beauty Industry

Looks play an important role in our daily lives. Since we want people to gain a real sense of who we are, it is impetuous that our looks match our personality. As a result, beauty becomes extremely personal. But how do cosmetics’ online shops help prospects find the perfect product if their entire journey takes place behind a screen? Here are 5 life-changing marketing strategies for online beauty stores that will turn visitors into loyal customers. 

1. Cosmeticize your web design as you would your customers 

Cosmetics shops are all about aesthetics and your website makes no exception. So make colors your secret weapon. If you discover that natural looks are trendy, use a palette of pastels to show them you know their preferences. However, if customers prefer bold looks, make sure your web design is created with bright colors. Since elegance is a defining element of beauty, your visuals could be luxurious. 

Model who used make-up for half of her face for a before and after marketing campaign

Show the magic of your products – Introduce before and after photos 

As customers become more aware of cosmetics’ benefits, such as covering wrinkles, they will no longer buy for the sake of buying, but because of the products’ outcome. If they want bolder eyelashes, they’ll search for a volume mascara and a full coverage foundation if they aim to cover brown spots.  Since they can’t test them, show them the results. Use before and after photos.

Don’t forget to be inclusive! Your customers are coming from different ethnical backgrounds. Your visuals must address various skin colors.  

Models promoting a diversity marketing campaign

Give them a glimpse of reality – create skin swatches 

Since online shoppers can’t test your products, create skin swatches. It is one of the most popular marketing strategies for online beauty stores. As a result, prospects can see the color of the lipstick applied on the skin, as well as its texture (glossy or matte).

Moreover, since we are talking about inclusivity, skin swatches should be made on different skin tones, but also addressee different skin types (sensitive or oily skin). Thus, shoppers will avoid unwanted reactions.

Make-up products tested on hand for skin swatches marketing campaigns

2. Make product detailing your partner in crime 

If skin swatches are not enough to convince a visitor to buy safely, make product detailing your best asset. They can also reduce decision fatigue. If you are wondering how it works, here it is!

If your cosmetics eshop sells a large variety of products, you may have a broader reach in terms of visitors. However, more products mean more choices and a headache. Customers might get lost in all those buying options and never make up their minds. As a result, you may face lower conversions. 

Various make-up products on a pink fond used for a marketing campaign

The paradox of choice and how to avoid it 

In order to avoid giving your customers a headache, highlight the benefits. Make sure you point out what the products aim for and what are their ingredients. A foundation may aim for a full coverage finish. But what happens if you have 10 that accomplish the same thing? How can customers decide which one to buy?

Go one step further and explain what kind of foundation is recommended for each skin type. Maybe full coverage foundations work miracles for oily skin but damage dry skin.  Another easy way to avoid this is to use personalized recommendation engine

Categorize products based on concerns and benefits 

In order to sell, you must know what it is that your customers are searching for. Make their needs your top priority. Everlift.com did a great job and created a table addressing concerns (wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots, dark circles, bags under eye, and breakouts) and one addressing benefits (moisturizer, glow, clean, prevention)  to help customers achieve their aim. 

For example, if customers are searching for products to cover their dark circles, they must look at the ones suggested by their table of concern. Another way to find out what your customer desires is to create quizzes and make appropriate recommendations.

Table for categorized make-up products regarding concerns and benefits

3. Maximize your Sales by creating attractive bundles

Bundles are like magical wands for cosmetics eshops, as they benefit both parties. For clients, a bundle means acquiring more products at a lower price. As a result, customers get to save money or get a product for free. Moreover, customers can get in just one bundle all the products they need for a complete make-up routine. 

Bundles can help businesses thrive too. Not doing bundles often means leaving money on the table. A sold bundle increases the Average Order Value of a Customer. For example, if one shopper wants to buy a certain lipstick, he will pay for the entire bundle just to get that one favorite product. 

Moreover, some products in the bundle may be new to customers and by getting to try out new items, their likelihood of buying more products in the future will increase. Customers might even create a beauty routine that is formed nearly exclusively by your products. 

At the end of the day, these E-commerce campaign ideas for cosmetics and beauty brands boost your bottom line, while getting clients to spend less on more items. It is a win-win.

Pink make-up and skincare bundle decorated with a pink bow

4. Build strong communities & boost brand awareness

If you own a cosmetics online store you will want to engage with your audience with Facebook and Instagram automated  ads.  Start and nurture a strong community and turn followers into your loyal customers. Social media can help your business grow exponentially if you post relevant content and know who to target. It is the perfect channel for creating brand awareness, without spending too much. These marketing strategies for online beauty stores might be just what your business needs.

Here are some useful tips you should consider for your Social Media marketing strategy.

  • Facebook and Instagram Live can be your golden ticket when it comes to engagement. Post daily tutorials to engage with your followers and build a strong community. 
  • Make sure you post relevant content on a daily basis. Your posts should focus on your unique brand personality (maybe your red lipstick is your trademark and best-sold item)
  • Give tips and tricks to your audience to improve their make-up routine. 
  • Create unique hashtags for your products and use them as your trademark. Mention them in all your social media posts and encourage people to do the same. 
  • Make followers feel important. Share the photos of your products on your page. You will be able to see these posts through particular hashtags. 
  • Social media is full of beauty influencers. Collaborate with them for brand awareness, reviews, and make-up tutorials. 
  • Make fun and engaging videos with your brand ambassadors (personalities). 
  • Create contests and giveaways to increase your Facebook likes, Instagram followers, or email newsletters’ subscribers.

Woman doing her make-up in a mirror, while standing in front of a video camera

5. Make sure they don’t forget you 

Finding prospects can be exhausting and time-consuming.  If you already have a strong base of customers, focus your energy on making them loyal to your brand. The easiest way to do that is through an automated software platform

Retargeting.biz provides all the features you need to make sure they return to you, without lifting a finger. For example, if you already have their email addresses, keep in touch with them on a constant basis. If their favorite product has a discount code, make sure you send them a price alert with automated emails. In case they already purchased a product make sure you recommend similar items. 

Some of your visitors haven’t yet subscribed to your newsletter? Make them shop through Facebook and Instagram campaigns. For example, you can retarget visitors, by recommending them items they have already viewed. If they are loyal clients, make them aware of your most popular items. 

Let’s recap!

If you own a cosmetics store, make sure you go online and skyrocket your sales. Cosmeticize your web design if you want to enhance visitors’ curiosity and make sure they can easily find the perfect product for their skin type. Create bundles to boost your Average Order Value and build online strong communities, by leveraging the magical features of Facebook and Instagram. As soon as you caught their attention, make sure they don’t forget you. 


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